Alexander 2004 Movie 1080p Torrent

Alexander 2004 Movie 1080p Torrent


Alexander 2004 Movie 1080p Torrent

The action sequences were not just as intensive, they were way too long. Not only that, but there were times that they were executed in a disjointed and disinterested manner that made them hard to watch. The powerful opening sequence showing Alexander’s youth, his ambitions of conquering the known world, was cut out and suddenly he is now ruling a mere city, once a very great and impregnable city. Again, for the battle of Chaeronea, it was something that was written but soon forgotten about as the film progressed into the middle.

However, Oliver Stone created a movie that is both something to look at and listen to. For them who want to fully understand the films maker id suggest watching the feature on DVD to see it all and listen to the Vangelis-scripted soundtrack.

Yes, this DVD is out there for download at legitimate sites and, yes, most if not all of the scenes from the movie are in there. However, no legitimate site has a direct link to the place that this movie is downloadable at right now, so be careful in the links you click. Think twice before downloading this movie from any of the links below. From what I can tell, none of the links will get you to the place where you can download the entire film. If you wish to download it, go to the places below and find all the different regions that this film is available in:

I was reading reviews online and someone called this movie boring and said it could have been a great miniseries but instead it was just a movie. However, I was absolutely ignorant, seeing this movie before seeing any of Oliver Stone’s other movies. I thought it was a very enjoyable movie. Not only that, I now have a much more grand understanding of Alexander the Great and that himself is so much more interesting and complex of a character than what we normally see in these kinds of movies.

To anyone who has read my post about how history is never the final version. There is no doubt that Alexander is human, just like the rest of us. How many people around us make poor decisions at least once in our lifetime? The difference between him and us is simply that he is a God and has the power to correct his bad decisions. In the film, Alexander of Macedonia seems to be the boy from a dysfunctional family who did not have much of a role in his life until he was decided upon by his father, King Philip II. The film is set in a sequence of major moves made by Alexander to claim his newly acquired kingdom, Persia. Its first section shows us how he started his journey and became an up-and-coming young leader at an early age, before his best years where in the parallel section. Then it cuts into the grown up phase of his life in which he is at war with the Persian army and is near to a conquest for absolute power. The period of the war is the first time Alexanders inner world is introduced, much like the movie begins with the day of his death. As a kid, Alexanders character is a warrior, a leader and a lover. As an adult, he is a fighter, a leader and a lover. Its a beautiful sequence where we can learn of his temper, his strength as well as his tenderness for his closest friends. One of the most unforgettable scenes in the movie is the horse chase where, we see a young Alexanders passion for hunting down a tiger, much to his friends dismay. And then, this sequence in the movie shows us Alexanders adventurous side with the horses. Aside from his initial interest in hunting, he later learns how to ride the horses and is seen as an expert. The final section of the film shows him at war and with women. He is still a leader and a lover. But now he is no longer alone, he has a bigger army and more women, while spending time with Ptolemy and Hephaistion. The most memorable scenes in the film are Alexanders final victory, where he is confirmed as a living legend, his defeat of the Persians in the final battle and his death in his sleep. But he doesnt die, instead he is picked up by the Gods, the Great Mother and the Father of Creation. Things do not end as the Greek mythology, we see Alexanders soul taken away and later be reincarnated as Alexander again. The movie ends with Alexanders homecoming to Egypt where he will be ruling all of Asia. The whole film emphasizes the fact that Alexanders childhood dream was to become a ruler and he was destined to fulfill that dream, whether he was alive or not. One last question you can ask yourself in the film is how much more would you have liked to see in Alexanders life in the extended version? 5ec8ef588b

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