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Use AutoCAD to create a drafting plan from a flat 2D drawing, or to extend an existing design by adding 2D or 3D geometry to the drawing and controlling the visibility of objects in your drawing. Select models from the built-in library, import external files, or make your own custom libraries and use AutoCAD to create models of any object. When you create a drawing, you can specify exactly how you want it to appear on the screen. You can choose to preview the drawing in a traditional 2D view, or view your drawing in an animation view that simulates camera movement. You can also check your drawing for errors and make changes. AutoCAD provides plenty of ways to communicate with other software, such as Microsoft Office, and work with other drawing formats like DWG and DXF. You can convert a file to DXF for data exchange. AutoCAD also offers 2D and 3D annotations.

AutoCAD features include:

• Create a drawing that appears exactly as you want it to look.

• Check your drawings for mistakes, such as reversed lines or objects that are too big or small.

• Choose to preview your drawings in a 2D view or in an animation view, which lets you move your camera through a drawing and see how your drawing will appear when printed.

• Control the location of text, lines, and other drawing elements.

• Add layers to your drawings, which let you manipulate your drawings as though they were multiple views of the same drawing.

• Use 3D modeling tools to create shapes that exist inside the plane of the screen.

• Import models from CAD and engineering software.

• Export drawings and annotations to other software, such as Microsoft Office.

• Make 2D and 3D annotations, such as arrows, text boxes, and 3D tools.

• Easily make 2D annotations, such as arrows, text boxes, and 3D tools.

• Enter data by typing or by selecting objects, including a field that lets you create freehand annotations.

• Select objects and draw paths between them.

• Set up customized blocks and run macros to create a number of common drawing operations.

• Drag and drop blocks into the drawing.

• Quickly copy and paste blocks.

• Link blocks to other blocks, which lets you create complex designs.

• Configure and customize toolbars and the



The TECNOSYS Platform allows configuring and managing networks of desktop computers to act as a single coordinated computer.


AutoCAD has a plugin that allows creating a CAPTIVA (AutoCAD Components) Assembly that is delivered to the customer as a single installation file that contains the entire application plus all the necessary plugins.


As of version 14, AutoCAD has embedded Delphi scripting language support and Delphi integration.

In July 2017, a report from Flexera Software stated that “about 10% of AutoCAD users are using the integrated scripting environment on AutoCAD since 2013.”

Other software applications
Third-party applications

Several other application and add-on packages are available, some of which are free (and some not), and some of which are commercial:

Acad6 (AeroCAD)
AeroCAD is a professional level application for the design of aeronautical products. It is free for academic use.

Architectual 3D – A design tool that is used for architectural design, construction documentation, and BIM. It is free for academic use.

Autocad for Windows – Allows using Autocad 2008 software to access and work with drawings using Microsoft Windows.

Autocad.Brno University of Technology – Access to AutoCAD drawings in the Technical University of Brno (in the Czech Republic)

CATIA – 3D design and animation software.

CATIA Fusion – 3D design and animation software.

CATS 3D (Computer Aided Technology System – 3D) – A CAD/CAE application for architecture, construction and engineering.

CATT – CAD/CAM Tool for Architecture and the Built Environment.

CEBPS – The Czech Electronic Library of Building and Construction.

Cement Design System – A development environment for building construction planning.

Computer Aided Design – Development environment and automation tool.

Construction Design Repository

CIVA – Civil Engineering Design Environment

Computer-Aided Technologies for Civil Engineering Design (also called CTCAD, Computer-Aided Technologies for Civil Engineering Design, or Computer Aided Technologies for Civil Engineering Design and Construction) is a free open source package that was created to provide all necessary tools and methods to produce and manage large scale civil infrastructure projects.



Open the options.
Click on “setup”.
Click on “options”.
Go to “license”.
Click on “more info”.

Select Yes.

That’s it.


Based on your comment to Xabster’s answer, I have a few other things to add to the list.

Select the name of your EXE that you are using from the dropdown menu.
Select the Package and Copy to the clipboard.

To use a different name for the package, change the name under the Name entry.


Install the applications that you want to use by clicking on the app you wish to install.
Select File > Get Info on the app you wish to use.
In the top right corner, there is an icon that looks like two dots. Click on that.
There is a button that says “Show Package Contents”. This allows you to browse the contents of the package.
Right click on the package that you would like to use and click on Open.


Open a Command Prompt window
Type the following at the prompt: “C:\path\to\your.exe” /license


Open a terminal window and type: /license

The license path is usually found by finding the Exe file in the package and changing the path above.

NOTE: This does not really matter, but if you want to copy the license to your system just for ease of using it, you can use a folder to store it. For example, I keep all my licenses in a folder called “AutoCAD Patches” and then put this in my folder.
This would be the contents of that folder:

Then, I type: C:\path\to\your.exe /license
NOTE: If you put it in the wrong folder, you can just use the /license to point to the right one.
I would also suggest making a copy of the license file on your desktop for easy access if you want to transfer it.


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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import several drawings at once with Import Markup for worksets (video: 1:20 min.)

More complete help in the Navigator and Review toolbars:

All the help that is available for tasks in the Navigator and Review toolbars is now included in the documentation for those toolbars as well.

Automatic fitting:

The new Tool > Fitting > Find Fitting command can easily fit selected blocks into your drawing. Simply select blocks and choose options for their fitting, and AutoCAD will automatically fit them. If there’s an error during fitting, you can simply change some of the options to correct the fit.

Cloud-based drawing storage:

You can now connect to a cloud-based drawing storage system like Adobe™ Acrobat Connect™, Google Drive, Dropbox™, and OneDrive™.

Automatically add the dimension symbols you use most often:

You can now select the dimension symbols you use most often, like standard, baseline, or dimension style, and they will automatically be added to the ribbon as you start typing dimensions.

Enhanced OLE import for components:

Import OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) components in drawings, including: symbols, fonts, drawings, and CAD models. Also use import components with the latest Autodesk® BIM 360® Revit® API.

Object editing:

Use the new Object > ShapeEdits > Quick ShapeEdits command to quickly change any number of shapes into other shapes.

Added X and Z slope and arc values:

AutoCAD now has X and Z slope and arc values, so you can import slope and arc data into your drawings.

Auto-rotate workplanes:

Move and rotate objects in 3D using simple mouse movements, and then scale, rotate, and mirror them automatically. Also quickly remove or duplicate workplanes. (video: 1:55 min.)

Faceted styling:

Use the new Faceted Style command to quickly change any number of faces into other faces.

Improved 3D properties:

Edit 3D elements with the improved Properties panel (Video: 1:15 min.)

Add a greater variety of 3D elements:

Add a greater variety of 3D elements including curved and circular segments, 3D circles, cylinders, cones, pyramids, as well as

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz / AMD A10 1.8GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 1 GB available space
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 / AMD Radeon HD 5870
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: The game is optimized for 1920×1080 monitors. If you have a higher resolution monitor, you can use the game settings menu to reduce the resolution and/or

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