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Autodesk AutoCAD licenses are sold to businesses and individuals. AutoCAD is available for Windows (including the now discontinued Windows Vista) and macOS (including the now discontinued Mac OS X Mavericks).

Laptop users may also purchase a subscription to Autodesk’s cloud-based subscription services, providing access to AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, BIM 360 Cloud, and Simulation 360 Cloud. These subscriptions are offered on a month-to-month basis, and offer various customization options (such as a professional-level license, a technician license, or a student license).

While one license of AutoCAD (Classic or LT) is required for a desktop computer, additional licenses may be required for workstations in a larger office, which often include multiple users. In addition, AutoCAD LT has more open functions (such as parametric drafting), which may be useful for a larger group of designers.

Supported operating systems


AutoCAD is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and macOS (10.10 and newer).


AutoCAD is available for Mac OS X 10.6 and later.


AutoCAD for Web is the web-based version of AutoCAD. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and can be accessed from a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari).


AutoCAD is available for Android.

Supported file formats

AutoCAD supports the following file formats (listed in alphabetical order):

AutoCAD DWG: 2D design file format

AutoCAD DXF: 2D drawing file format

AutoCAD SVG: Vector image format

AutoCAD PDF: Portable Document Format (PDF) file format

AutoCAD DXF + DWG: Autodesk drawing file format (DXF + DWG)

AutoCAD DXF + SVG: Autodesk drawing file format (DXF + SVG)

AutoCAD DXF + PDF: Autodesk drawing file format (DXF + PDF)

AutoCAD LT DWG: 2D layout file format

AutoCAD LT DXF: 2D drawing file format

AutoCAD LT SVG: Vector image format

AutoCAD LT PDF: Portable Document Format (PDF) file

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Free

If the user has an Internet connection, AutoCAD can be synchronized with MS SharePoint or be used as a WebDAV repository for editing drawings on the Internet. It is also capable of opening and saving drawings from a variety of file formats, including spreadsheets. The user can drag and drop a drawing from their hard drive to an AutoCAD session and open the drawing with the same filename or one of many standard and custom names.

The AutoCAD R14 software features a useful native QR code reader; it can be used to read and automatically generate QR codes from layer masks (or other selections).

AutoCAD reads and writes several file formats:
DWG (drawing) – AutoCAD’s native file format; standards: ACIS DWG, AutoCAD Exchange Drafting Exchange Format, DWG, EPD, and EPDX.
DXF (data exchange format) – AutoCAD’s native file format; standards: DXF, AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format, DXF, and DXFplus; AutoCAD Exchange; ObjectARX.NET; Excel 2003; Excel 2007; Word 2007;.NET Raster Imaging Systems (RIS); various file formats used by the Intergraph product line of Computer-aided design (CAD) applications.
PDF – Portable Document Format (standardized by the ISO 32000-1 standard).
PLY – Plain Old Gazetteer (standardized by the ISO 16500-1 standard) and (2) ISO/IEC 15948:2006.
SHP (shape) – AutoCAD’s native file format; standards: AutoCAD ShapeFile, Shape (read only), and TopoJSON (1.0, read only).
SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics (standardized by the ISO/IEC 14795 standard).
XPS – Portable Document Format (standardized by the ISO/IEC 29500-1 standard).
Multimedia formats – Windows Media Audio and Video (WMAV) and MPEG-2 (MPEG-2 video and MPEG-2 Audio Layer II audio).
Picture formats – TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG), JPEG and (Tagged Image File Format) and JPEG (JPEG 2000) (Tagged Image File Format).
Excel worksheets – Excel 2007-format, Excel 2013–format and OpenDocument worksheet (ODT).

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Add a count-down timer to any feature so that you can view your design progress over time.

Use the Markup Assist feature to quickly view, edit, and share your markups. Export and send feedback in seconds from within your drawing. You can even have your markups update automatically in other files.

Use auto-renumbering to reference features and points that you draw and edit.

You can also import the latest revision of any feature, point, dimension, or reference, creating a dynamic connection to the original drawing.

You can create dynamic connections between notes, properties, and dimensions.

Markup Convert:

Drawing on your tablet and using apps like Sketch and DesignApp to create or edit digital drawings in AutoCAD.

Work with dynamic drawings, ready to use in all of your design software.

Your digital drawings will be stable and viewable in AutoCAD. You can even import them into other design software.

Actions, views, and multi-views are more responsive on touch devices.

AutoCAD Cloud:

See AutoCAD Cloud in action

Access AutoCAD cloud, securely, from any device, and from anywhere in the world. Your drawings are yours and you can access them from anywhere, at any time.

Create, save, and share your own drawings.

Download and share your favorite files with your team.

Personalize and review your collections.

Enhance your cloud experience with Home, AutoCAD Cloud App, and detailed analytics.

Connect to a shared collection.

Share your cloud drawings with your team.

Create a team library.

Quickly access and work on your drawings with the Cloud App.

Control who can view your drawings on any device.

Collaborate on a drawing without sharing a drawing file or the entire collection.

AutoCAD Mobile:

See AutoCAD Mobile in action

Work on the go with AutoCAD Mobile App, which is designed for touch screen devices and provides the same drawing tools as the desktop app.

AutoCAD Mobile is designed for AutoCAD 2020 and later.

Control what data is synced to your device.

Automatically send your project files to AutoCAD.

Keep track of

System Requirements:

-Windows 7 or higher
-At least 300 MB of free hard drive space
-80 MHz Pentium 3 or higher CPU
-TV tuner software included
-DVD player software included
-Java Script needed (not included in the download)

The installer will not work on the following:
-Windows 98 or Windows ME
-256mb RAM or less
-Java Script is not installed

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