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The Keymacro TCP proxy simulates the network conditions of slow links by having several clients connect to it. This happens at a steady pace of 250 connections a second. When testing with the program is not enough, you can force the connection to drop.
Once all users have connected to the program, you can check the end-to-end performance of your applications. The tool enables you to check both HTTP requests and responses. You can also monitor the state of individual connections and use the connections as a queue for concurrent connections, such as those that are maintained by a load balancer.
User Manual:
As the project has only been released this year, there is no manual available for now. However, they are working on one and it should be ready soon.
The tool is free for use and open source. You can download it here.

In today’s world, it’s not always easy to find a solution for your business when something goes wrong. When it comes to your business, you don’t want downtime to be the only thing that can slow you down. Even if you find a way to minimize the potential of downtime, when something goes wrong, you need to have the ability to resolve the issues quickly and get your business back up and running.
If you’re building a website for your business, then you need a reliable, dynamic, and adaptive solution. The good news is that we have a dynamic website builder that can help you get what you need.
Try Laravel Forge.
This website builder has multiple features that will help you build a website for your business. Not only can you build a dynamic website, but you can also host your site and scale your site to any traffic levels that you want.
Why would you want to use Laravel Forge?
Laravel Forge is a Laravel PHP framework-powered website builder that is built to help you get a site up and running in no time. It helps you to build a static website in seconds. With Laravel Forge, you can easily build a website using the software that is simple and easy to use. You also get all the benefits of a site that is dynamic.
Why are there benefits to using Laravel Forge?
First, it’s free. Laravel Forge is 100% free and it’s supported by YLabs. This is a company that provides training and advice for the framework and the website builder. With Laravel Forge, 70238732e0

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Scan QR Codes in Photos or Videos and Editing Them with Your Phone or Tablet.
Rinzo XML Editor for iOS is a highly sophisticated app with numerous powerful functions and features. Rinzo for Android was developed with a modern interface for Android operating systems. Both apps allow you to scan QR codes in photos or videos with the help of your mobile device’s camera, and add the codes to your images. You can quickly edit the codes by cropping them, rotating them, scaling them, adjusting their brightness and so on. Once the code is inserted, you can share the edited image with your friends and family via any social network or e-mail service, or print them out.
✔ Supports QR codes and barcodes
✔ Supports most of mobile devices’ camera
✔ Scan QR codes in photos or videos easily
✔ Edit QR codes with your mobile device’s camera
✔ Photos and videos can be edited with multiple options
✔ Can save the edited images into JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP format
✔ Can share your edited pictures through e-mail, messaging, social networks, or save them to your device’s gallery
✔ Can save the edited images to your device’s gallery
✔ Support Android v4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 and above
For detailed user guide, see the “ReadMe.txt” file in the zip archive.

…data is easily accessible and can be manipulated to do any task. For example, you can use Excel as the basis for your document and then add pivot tables, charts, comments, footers, headers, text boxes, and much more.
What will happen is you will be presented with a Microsoft Word document with your work inside it. At this point, you can save your document to a file or e-mail the final document to a recipient.
You can add text to this document by using the built in tools found in the header, footer, and text box area. You can create charts, tables, and much more to add more functionality to your document.
The greatest benefit with Microsoft Word for Excel is that you can save your document in a format that can be opened in almost any spreadsheet. You do this by copying and pasting the document in a new location.
For example, if I saved a Microsoft Word document in Excel, I could then load the document into a spreadsheet application like Excel. Excel will not recognize the file extension, so in order to open it


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