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– Full ALSA compatibility, including user-defined controls
– Extensive presets, library and ability to record custom setups.
– Vast range of processing (with EQ and gate control)
– Additional mid/side processing (not found in other products)
– Ability to record with various hardware synth plugins, including unison, octave, mod matrix and ring mod.
– Various audio engine upgrades, including time stretching, reverb and delay.
Punch Evolved is a powerful audio editing and processing tool.
Punch Evolved comes with 15 presets, including 5 dry presets and 5 wet ones.
The mid/side processing mode can be used to add more of a side or a mid to the sound.
The EQ and gate controls can be used to adjust the sound.
The effects added with the other presets are included.
It has a range of 40dB full-scale in each direction.
It is great to process vocals and drums.
In addition to the presets, there is a library to create your own presets and the built-in recorder is also very useful.


Punch Evolved has a range of 15 presets and the ability to record your own custom settings to a library.
Punch Evolved comes with the same plugins as Punch Factory.
You can access them directly from the main Punch Evolved screen.
The full version of Punch Evolved is completely free, just click on the product link below.
(Click on the image for a high-res version.)


– Presets: 15 presets included with punch Evolved
– Auto-leveling: the plugin will automatically level itself
– Mid/side processing: the plugin will create a side with the mid EQ
– EQ and gate controls: for adjusting the sound
– Built-in recorder: to record your own settings, click on the built-in recorder on the main screen
– Mid/side processing: automatically creates a side or mid from a dry signal
– Stereo balance: alter the balance between the stereo channels
– EQ: adjust the equaliser
– Gate: adjust the gate
– Reverb: remove the lack of reverb from the processing
– Time stretch: lengthen or shorten the sound
– Delay: add a delay to the sound
– Unison: create unison
– Mod matrix: create mod matrix
– Ring mod: create 70238732e0

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