BlazingTools.Perfect.Keylogger.Remote.Edition.v1.93.Incl.Keygen Full Version ‘LINK’

BlazingTools.Perfect.Keylogger.Remote.Edition.v1.93.Incl.Keygen Full Version ‘LINK’

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BlazingTools.Perfect.Keylogger.Remote.Edition.v1.93.Incl.Keygen Full Version

The next morning I decided to take a break. I checked the Internet for the latest version of the keylogger and found that there were newer versions floating around. I then searched for the exact match of the file that we found which is PK.BIN and was surprised to find that there were two more executables that did the exact same thing. It turned out that there was a newer edition of the keylogger, called PK.exe. There were three executables this time and a batch script that installs the keylogger, PK.DAT, PK.NOKB and PK.SKR. So it looked like there was a perpetual update-program that updated the keylogger to the latest version. Interesting!

As a side note, the version we got in the dump file was also for the 32-bit platform, the version of the product for the 64-bit platform was not the same. And the version of the keylogger saved to the registry used a different registry name (FIX.DAT).

My guess was that the version that Chris analysed was in fact the 32-bit version, and this is what the malware intended to do. And what was saved to the registry was the 32-bit version, hence we had a 32-bit version of the keylogger installed on the system.

The first file PK.DAT was to write the config.dat file to the drive and install the keylogger. The next file PK.NOKB contains the keylog.dat file that contains the characters to be XORed with the registry bytes. The final file PK.SKR writes the ASCII file to the Registry for the key to be enabled.

Well, I can’t think of a much better method than simply check the hardcoded values that comes with the keylogger. Are they similar to the default values I mentioned earlier? Are they the same as the values that I decoded? Let’s answer those questions below and see if they match.

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