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the voie verte runs alongside trails leading to the famed eifelturm, an iron tower which was built in 1856 to mark the forest’s entry into the memory register of the world. laid on the ground, hands over my face like i would normally do when listening to a bevy of city sounds, i could hear the horns of cars barreling past, and just as i pulled myself out of the trance, i heard a bugle blare. a child in a nearby field was playing a whistle along with his dog.

i then set off for the next peak of interest for me, a series of small cafes.i decide to try and start out in the neighbourhood of l’ermitage, which boasted a few cafes, the most popular of which was café k, which, since i was heading off to dinner, i settled on first. as i walked in, i saw the buzz of people chatting and the acoustic guitar hefting in the air in the airy room. i ordered a glass of saison de chardonnay and tucked into my small meal, which was nothing too extravagant, but satisfying nonetheless.

on my first visit, i walked out, feeling anything but empty. in fact, i was so full of the ambiance and the wonderfully budget-friendly meal, i couldn’t help but stop on the street, snapping a picture of cafe k, which has started to become one of my favorite spots of all time. it doesn’t look that big, and it’s definitely not fancy, but its chilled-out feel and the fact that it is a perfect size make it the best place to grab a bite from any time of day.

but even with the buffet of different places to eat in metz, i still kept coming back to bistro bon temps. the hotel’s best feature was also one of its most important: a free mini bar with beer, wine and whiskey.

sure, aussie tavern serves up a fine, honest bar meal, but nothing beats their backyard lineup of hand-pulled patties: the excellent burger is just $6.95 and available at happy hour. other hand-pumps include a trio of chicken, bacon, and veggie patties, and a chicken andouille bowl that knocks my socks off. 3245 sw 8th, 730-4589 sitting practically on ninth ave (like portland, theres also a whole foods in south portland that sells tacos), cash & carry is like a walk into the best luncheonette you ever played at. raccoon coo is a thing of beauty, and prices are $2.95 and below pq (of which theres another right down the street); who am i kidding? theres a cash & carry on almost every city block in the portland area, and theres so many ways you can customize your taco that eating them in the grocery store is just prohibitively too expensive. 243 se 9th, 9 am-10 pm daily it might look like a taco truck, but its actually a beautiful little bar (ok, a big bar), run by the folks behind skillet pizza. everything is pretty damn good here, and salads, small plates, and beers are just a few of the highlights. if you like people throwing plates (or shoving more food at you), youll like eddie’s, and the shrimp-stuffed chicken taco is great. i knew i had arrived in a city bursting with history when i saw the gold and blue glisten of the luxembourg city wall in the sunlight, just a few steps from the metropolitans entrance. with its old-world look and colonial-revival touches such as its faux-ice fountain, i could tell that i wasnt in a generic american city thats trying to emulate european culture, but rather, in a place with a distinct past. the natives treated us with a warm welcome and eagerness to share their lively culture, and my three-hour stay in luxembourg left me with a sense of time well-spent in a city with more-than-plenty to explore. 5ec8ef588b


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