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C= Parallel C/C++ Programming Language Extension includes a collection of programming paradigms connected with C / C++.
The principles and constructs of C= including flexible task-thread semantics, parallel visibility scopes, object-free synchronization, and wake-wait task interaction paradigm are conceived to be easily adopted by other procedural  and object-oriented languages, compiled or interpreted.
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What’s New in the?



v1.7.1 2015-04-23

I. Basis and Authors.

A. C= is a collection of programming paradigms, which are mainly inspired by C and C++ programming languages.
Its basic principles and constructs are maintained from the basic principles of C/C++ programming languages.
In fact, its syntax does not differ from the basic syntax of C/C++ programming languages.
The main difference is that of program organization.

Basics of C= Programming Language.

In this book, all the programs are written in a hierarchical task-thread programming model, called  parallel programming paradigm.

C= parallel programming paradigm.

In this paradigm, all the programs are written as hierarchical task-thread programs, including  parallel task-thread programs and sequential task-thread programs.


In C= parallel programming paradigm, all the tasks that are being run are task-threads.
A task-thread is a block of program code that is being executed and having a well-defined life-cycle.

Parallel Programming Paradigm in C=.

In a parallel programming paradigm, all the tasks are being managed by tasks; tasks are organized as a tree of parallel tasks.
A task-thread is a task in a tree.
Each task has at least one task-thread.


In a parallel programming paradigm, a task-thread is a simultaneous task of each task-thread in parallel tasks of the tasks of the tasks of the tree of parallel tasks.


In a parallel programming paradigm, a tree of parallel tasks of a task-thread is a thread-grouping of the task-thread.

Time-multiplexing and Thread-grouping.

Parallel Programming Paradigm in C=

The parallel programming paradigm can be used in a task-thread programming model, or in a task-thread programming model.
The task-thread programming model includes four task-threads, which are sequential, parallel, sequential, and parallel task-threads.
The four task-threads are managed by a run-time system.

Program Organization.

The programs of C= programming language are written as hierarchical task-thread programs.
In a hierarchical task-thread program, there is a main task-thread and at least one or more child task-threads.

The main task-thread has a well-defined life-cycle.
It will start with a special start-task and it will end with a special end-task, after all the child task-threads will be finished.
All the child task-threads will end

System Requirements For C Parallel C C Programming Language Extension:

Minimum Specifications:
OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
Processor: 1.4GHz
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible, requires Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
Disk Space: 4GB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, the sound card’s buffer size must be at least 256MB.
Networking: Broadband Internet connection required
Recommended Specifications:
Processor: 2.8GHz


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