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CacheBack is a tool designed to retrieve key aspects of a website’s history as a cache of webpages. Its purpose is to provide courts and law enforcement agencies with a visual timeline of Internet related activity that is easy to consume and effectively presents evidence. Its developer-friendly interface allows for fast and efficient task completion and fast user-acceptance. CacheBack analyzes URL history files generated by the five (5) top browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. CacheBack does not support analyzing files generated by other browsers or for other purposes. In addition to analyzing cache files, CacheBack also retrieves HTML files from Google and AOL.
CacheBack is fast becoming the tool of choice to support investigations involving child exploitation offences, terrorism, crimes against persons, frauds and thefts.
CacheBack Version History:CacheBack v3.0.0.17 – August 2010 – Allows a user to manually add additional history files.CacheBack v3.0.0.16 – August 2010 – Error code reporting of unknown or unidentifiable URLs now displays images instead of URLs.CacheBack v3.0.0.15 – August 2010 – Multiple “One-click” reports now available for provenance and data-sharing.CacheBack v3.0.0.14 – August 2010 – Report back support for 3rd-party history file data. CacheBack now reports MSIE and other types of “Redirect-to-URL” types of URLs.CacheBack v3.0.0.13 – August 2010 – Multiple bugs were fixed.

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CacheBack Crack Registration Code

CacheBack Cracked Version is a web-based tool for the history analysis of cache web pages. CacheBack allows users to easily navigate cache pages, adding and removing history records, view detailed pages and export any or all of these records in an HTML format.

Actions CacheBack can take:
– Analyze a cache page, with or without user input
– Log History of requests to any or all URLs
– Compute Access & Redirects, Add, Remove, and Explore dates
– Print data for any or all of the pages
– Add and Remove History records
– Find links in cache pages by IP and Domain
– Search for URLs by Keywords or IP addresses
– Add Search criteria such as IP address, date range or keyword
– Examine Shared URLs that appear in multiple cache pages
– Examine relative (inferred) and absolute (actual) link URLs
– Examine source URLs that point to images, videos, and other files
– Examine HTTP Headers and Content
– Show/Hide IP, Domain, User Agent
– Show the cached page directly, or with the user history selected
– View any or all of the cache data in HTML format
– Toggle between US & UK Time Zones
– Toggle between fully cached and uncached pages
– Sort by URL, Date, Last Viewed, or IP address
– Create a “signature” of any or all pages
– Examine IP, IP Cache, and User Agent for any or all pages

Saved Cache Page:
– user history saved
– User-selected page displayed
– Download to file
– View on a map of the selected region
– Highlight the requested page with a tool bar

User History:
– Examine all of the pages
– In-page hyperlinks are highlighted
– Add and remove users
– Add and remove IPs
– View history graphically, or in PDF format
– Export to HTML format
– Examine the list of users and IPs
– Delete User History

– Examine the address of every link on the page
– Compute the number of pages in the linked URL
– Examine the host address of every link
– View the user agent of every link
– View all of the pages that were navigated to from a link
– View the number of pages visited from a link
– Delete all of the links on a page
– Add a link

CacheBack Crack+ With Product Key [2022]

What’s New In?

CacheBack 2.3 offers:

– Record, URL, Link and Time Stamp Management:   Record, URL and Link management capabilities allows users to organize records in their own unique way using the pre-defined base functionality provided and user definable queries to create extremely powerful and sophisticated record management that can handle any record needs. The unique URL/Link querying tools allow users to drill down to find all cache web pages and also hyperlinks embedded in cache web pages that link back to the original History URL/Web Page. The Time Stamp History Query Wizard simplifies time stamp management and simplifies the time stamp analysis of cache web pages and History URL’s.

– System Wide Web Search:   CacheBack’s new System Wide Web Search functionality allows users to quickly and easily search across all Internet history records in one click. The System Wide Web Search allows investigators to quickly find cross-matching cache web pages/History URLs and hyperlinks which link back to the original Web Page. This comprehensive cross-matching function offers investigators the ability to explore all relationships in a single search without having to search and filter for a specific record. As CacheBack indexes more History URLs the System Wide Web Search will automatically refine itself to adapt to the needs of the investigators.

– Advanced Query Functions:   CacheBack’s new Advanced Query Functions offer investigators more tools for retrieving History URLs or Cache Web Pages based on: History URL Type, the date, time or time range of the cache web page or the hyperlink embedded in a cache web page. Investigators can also take advantage of the Advanced Query Function tools to better manage complex database queries and retrieve specific record sets from the Internet History. These powerful tools offer a level of customization that has never been possible in Internet History management tools.

– Multi Jurisdictional Search:   CacheBack now offers the capability to search across all Jurisdictional Cache Web Page and History URL databases simultaneously. This allows the investigator to instantly cross-reference any record across all databases and helps investigators to avoid the tedious task of creating and managing database look-up notes.

– Integrated Link Analysis:   CacheBack now offers the ability to search for hyperlinks embedded within cache web pages. Link Analysis (LA) is a powerful tool that allows investigators to quickly explore the relationships between History URLs and hyperlinks embedded in cache web pages. CacheBack is the first tool to offer a comprehensive LA function to assist in understanding the connections between the cache web pages and History URLs. LA automatically identifies the cache web pages and History URLs that link back to the original URL/Web Page. LA helps investigators gain a deeper understanding of the cache web page and the original web page because the cache web page is rebuilt from the original History URL/Web Page.

– Query Wizard:   CacheBack now offers a powerful new Query Wizard that simplifies

System Requirements For CacheBack:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8/Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3/Core i5/Core i7
Hard Drive: 40GB
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 570 / AMD Radeon R9 Fury X / Intel HD Graphics 530
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card (for the Windows 10 Game)
Other: One USB Keyboard and Mouse

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