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MyOra is an easy-to-use, snappy piece of software that provides users with the possibility to monitor their Oracle database and fast, to run queries, and to view info on the database's performance in real time.
The application does not require installation and users can take advantage of is capabilities by extracting the content of the downloaded archive and running the included executable file.
MyOra comes with a MDI (Multi Document Interface) framework designed to handle multiple sub-windows that have been opened at the same time. Moreover, the software comes with support for multiple connections to the same database or to a different one.
The program provides users with the possibility to open the desired number of Performance Monitors, Session Managers, or SQL Editors and can view all of them on the program's main window, organized either horizontally or vertically.
With the help of MyOra, users can take advantage of real-time performance monitoring capabilities using graphs and charts. Moreover, they can use interactive 3-D bar charts to view the top 5 SQLs or top 5 Resources.
The software comes with a number of six interactive graphs designed for monitoring database activity. It also includes tablespace used/free pie charts, session monitoring, and an SQL Editor with auto complete features.


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Automatic nuclei centroid detector. By Michael Barisani.
This toolbox contains the following 3 functions:
DetectNucleiCentroidsWithContext and VectorF
DetectorNucleiCentroid.m provides 3 functions, which can be used for the following purposes:
DetectNucleiCentroidsWithContext and VectorF
DectectNucleiCentroid.m returns the centroids for all the nuclei, which are detected with the supplied image (or sub-images).

Concretely, here are the functions DetectNucleiCentroid and DetectNucleiCentroidsWithContext:
Concretely, it uses the function DetectNucleiCentroid.m.
Concretely, it uses the function DetectNucleiCentroidsWithContext.m.
DetectNucleiCentroidsWithContext and VectorF:

Let’s say you are given a 3D image of nuclei (that is 3D nuclei centroids, or centroids of nuclei centroids), and a vector of coordinates for the centers of the nuclei.
You would be able to find out the centers of the nuclei by simply running:
For example, let’s say you want to find out the 3D position of nucleus centroids. You can use:
Then you can use the function VectorF to return the coordinates of a vector of length 3 from its vector of 3D coordinates.
For example:
a =[0.4 0.4 0.5;0.5 0.5 0.5;0.5 0.4 0.5];
The output X should be a vector of size 3.
Concretely, here are the functions DetectNucleiCentroidsWithContext and VectorF:

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Live streaming music at your fingertips.
Private chat rooms
System Requirements:
Windows 98/XP/Vista/7.
Internet Explorer 8 or later.
800×600 screen resolution or higher.
500Kb of available disk space.
ChitChat 0.5 is the first version of Cracked Community Chat With Keygenroom (CC). It includes a simple web-based application with a live online chat. It is easy to use and can be used to create private chat rooms and communicate with your friends. Community Chatroom allows you to have an on-line dating partner or a good friend. It can be used for sharing music and photos.
Once you have Community Chatroom (CC) installed and registered on a web server, it is a simple process to start a web-based chatroom on a website.
Simply click on “Create A New Room” and choose a room name and a description. You may also decide to give it a custom URL for better accessibility. Then create a new username and password for your new community chat room.
With CC you can search for people to join your chatroom and even invite them. Just enter their username in the search field and a list of matching users will appear on the screen.
Community Chatroom can be accessed on a browser with any modern internet browser. It is a small application and all the functions can be performed using a single mouse button. To make it easy for you, CC is web-based. All the relevant information is stored in a central database and displayed on the screen.
This application is intended for use in the public domain with no restrictions placed on you for use.
You may contact me at
• Updated all libraries
• Added more emoticons
• Fixed a few bugs
• Some minor improvements
• All messages have to be reasonably polite.
• If you post obscene or otherwise offensive material, the moderators will remove it.
• It is recommended that you keep your conversations appropriate. If you are responsible for children, they should not be on line when you are.
• If you are offended by nudity and/or sex, you may choose to leave the chatroom at any time.
• The chatroom is only for adults.
• Do not invite minors.
• Do not post your private

Community Chat Crack

Community Chatroom is a simple application that allows you to create a chat room with the user’s name as the title, text as the description, and a different channel name. You can choose to play a playlist of songs or play videos when a user joins your chat room. For example, if you set your playlist to “Halloween songs”, then you can talk about the scary movies that are playing on TV.
You can also invite users to your chat room. If they join, you can talk with them, and even give them a question to answer. And you can choose how you want to display your list of users – you can display only the online users, or you can choose to display the users’ home page profile.
· Simple user interface
· Easy to manage your channels
· Creates custom chat rooms
· Can display your list of users
· Can display the user’s home page
· Can display the users’ favorite channels
· Can add users to a chat room
· Can invite users to a chat room
· Includes ability to mute users
· Includes ability to set permissions
· Can choose from a list of playlists
· Can choose from a list of videos
· Can choose from a list of songs
· Includes ability to choose an emoticon
· Includes ability to set emoticons
· Includes ability to change themes
· Supports.m3u and.mkv files
· Supports music and video channels
· Can display an online list
· Has controls for the user’s online list
· Can download user’s favorite channels
· Allows downloading songs
· Allows playing videos
· Allows viewing lyrics
· Allows editing text
· Supports mood
· Supports user invites
· Supports user profile display
· Supports emoticons
· Supports sharing to social networks
· Supports popular and visited sites
· Supports music and video players
· Supports rating
· Supports setting password
· Supports sending a message to user
· Supports sending message to all online users
· Supports searching for users
· Supports video search
· Supports uploading file to play
· Supports browsing for users
· Supports playing song list
· Supports playing channel list
· Supports playing video list
· Supports setting time limit
· Supports sharing music and video files
· Supports streaming music and video channels
· Supports viewing user’s profile
· Supports viewing user’s favorite songs
· Supports view

What’s New in the Community Chat?

Chat Manager is an innovative, sophisticated online community management software that will enable you to create and manage multiple chat rooms, have multi-user chat where members can chat together (virtual community or group chat) or communicate with each other (individual chat), keep record of chat history, report on chats or chat members, delete users or chat rooms, keep track of member visits, set up chat room time limits, and much more. Chat Manager will enable you to add (new) users with ease, invite them into chat rooms, give them chat room access to their profile, or remove them from chat rooms, add custom images to chats, and more.
Chat Manager is browser-based and easy to use. It is full-featured and flexible, and is built on powerful, state-of-the-art technologies including PHP and MySQL, AJAX, ASP.NET, and Flash. It is highly customizable and scalable, and can be configured and modified as needed. It is a safe and secure community software. For more details, visit
Chat Manager is designed with security in mind. It will work with all recent browsers, and can be used with IE5 and IE6 as well as with Netscape 7 and up. It will work with any computer that has a reasonably modern Internet connection. It can be installed and operated locally or over the Internet, and can be used on any platform (PC, Mac, Linux, etc). It can be installed and operated by a single administrator, or by a group of administrators.
Key Features:
– Create chat rooms by URL, members’ names or ids, or by an SQL query
– Create chat room administrators with various privileges
– Edit, delete, or add any chat room with the administration panel
– Delete all chat rooms at once
– Enable or disable the logged in users’ access to the chat
– Add a chat room alias
– Manage chat room (active/logged in members, names, topics, recent topics, idle users, etc)
– Set time limits for each chat room
– Set up a daily report on all chat rooms
– Keep track of all chat room visits
– See all chat room messages in the administration panel
– Set up a report on every user’s chat room visits
– See who visited which chat rooms
– Set up an automatic logout for chat room members after a specified time
– Set up an automatic shutdown of all chat rooms after a specified time
– Set up a personal chat room for users
– Create special rooms for moderators
– Create a room for the public to use as a chat room
– Design your own profile picture
– Edit or delete your profile picture
– Upload a custom profile picture
– Browse and edit the current user’s profile picture(s)
– Set up a chat room profile picture for each user

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8.1 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 2.4GHz / AMD A10 @ 2.2GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6570D with 1GB dedicated Video RAM
Hard Drive: 18 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes:
1. Disclaimer: I’m not the developer, nor am I endorsed by the developer. This program can be used as-is, without

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