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Czkawka Download With Full Crack is an application for Windows, available free of charge. It is an open-source project maintained by Philipps-University Bochum, and, if you use it regularly, you can consider contributing to the effort by donating to the Czkawka Crack project.
If you need help using and configuring Czkawka, as well as a discussion forum, you can read the documentation here. The development team is also available to answer your questions in the forum. 
Please contact the Czkawka Project team for further information regarding Czkawka.

Czkawka, developed and supported by Philipps-University Bochum, is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.
It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only freely available unsupervised duplicate/mismatch duplicates cleaner software, in the sense that it does not require to specify what should be deleted, as do most of the others.
Its main purpose is to clean (i.e. free up space) a PC rather than to find duplicate files.

While I was creating this free software project to give away as open-source I discovered that the free software users are less than zero… – So I fixed the search engine to remove all duplicates and only show the output with the differences.

While I was creating this free software project to give away as open-source I discovered that the free software users are less than zero… – So I fixed the search engine to remove all duplicates and only show the output with the differences.
So I changed the mission of the software from find duplicates to clean your hard disk :).


1. Plugin:
Czkawka is an application for Windows, available free of charge.

2. Documentation:
Click here for the Czkawka documentation, which includes the installation, usage and configuration documentation.

3. Forum:
The forum can be found here.

4. Support:
I can answer any questions you may have here.


Czkawka is not dependent on any other Win32 components. The project is simply two.dll files.
You can build Czkawka from the source code. To build, you can use the command-line or a GUI builder like NSIS.

When building the

Czkawka Torrent (Activation Code) PC/Windows

Czkawka is an application, written in Delphi 6, designed to automatically remove duplicates and find unnecessary data. It can also make use of the unwanted data. It works on both Windows and Linux operating systems.


If you are interested in a GUI app to clean up your files then I recommend 7-Zip. It is free open source software, and it can be easily installed on Windows 7/8, Linux, or macOS.


G-Slider (formerly known as FileStepper) is an easy-to-use application for deleting duplicate files. You can use it in Windows XP-10 and it is available for Ubuntu and Android as well.
The app automatically searches and identifies duplicate files. It then displays all those files in a tree view to allow you to easily select which file to keep or trash.
G-Slider is highly configurable, and allows you to specify a starting directory and a file extension to search for. This is particularly useful for cleaning up large media files like movies and music CDs.

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– The first and only tool dedicated to detecting and eliminating duplicate files from your hard drive.
– Czkawka will automatically scan your disks for redundant files (duplicates, hard links, symlink, whole or partial copies), and will help you delete them at once, and speed up your system.
– The tool also allows you to scan any number of drives.
– Czkawka is small, lean and easy to use.
– The program is available free of charge.

Nice Duplicate Cleaner 3.0

Nice Duplicate Cleaner will clean duplicate files, empty directories, and big files in one action. Also, you can scan multiple disks at once with this tool. With this tool, you can easily erase duplicates, archive files, empty folder, safe your disk space and improve the performance of your PC.

The tool works by scanning each file and folders in the selected folders and sub-folder, and then compress the duplicate files on the hard drive. It provides a simple interface which allow users to scan a directory or select multiple folders, and a check boxes to ignore certain folders. With this tool, you can scan a folder, a folder, a selected file on the hard disk. The interface is easy to use. There is a progress indicator showing the current directory and file scanning and compress. It can clean duplicate files across your disk, and it support multiple disk scanning.

– Duplicate Cleaner can delete all types of duplicate files and folders.
– It supports multiple disks scanning with folder and file selection.
– You can also compress the duplicate files.
– The files are compressed with GZIP algorithm.
– The application easy to use.
– The application does not need to be installed on your computer.

More information:
– Duplicate Cleaner is free.
– The file size limitation is 16MB.
– Offline mode is supported.

Other well-known software downloads.


AdeXplorerPro is a Windows Explorer-like file manager, with many additional features, such as: copying, moving and deleting files/folders, managing archives, handy duplicate file finding and scanner, quick access to other files/folders, streaming media, ISAM files, password protected folders, powerful search and filtering, create and edit system restore point, FTP accounts and remote system files.

What’s New in the?

Czkawka is a GUI application that removes redundant files, empty directories and duplicate files, allowing you to get rid of unwanted files and save storage space. The program supports multiple file types, image processing, hash types, file size filters and excludes directories.
It is based on the open-source project Czkawka, and includes all the features of the original program, plus some new ones. This tool is available as both GUI and console application.
The program allows you to find, select and export a list of duplicates, empty directories or broken files, or to look for and delete temporary files, zeroed files, invalid symlinks or zeroed space files.  Czkawka also performs an initial scan of the computer to find corrupted registry entries and unnecessary files and will warn you if something is missed during the initial scan.
The program features an advanced option to back up files before deleting to prevent data loss.  Czkawka also displays a summary of its actions and allows you to look for files without duplicates. The program supports multiple output formats for the selected files. For example, you can export a list of deleted files or extract their hash values. There is also an option for exporting entire directory trees. The last modification dates of the files are also collected, allowing you to perform further analysis.
Czkawka Requirements:
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Czkawka Installation:
Run Czkawka directly from its main executable in the archive file.
Czkawka Support:
Czkawka is an open-source project. It is released under the GPL license and supports a free version, with free updates. The developers are active on GitHub and accept bug reports, issues and suggestions. 
Czkawka Screencast:
You can watch the Czkawka display summary in action below. You can find the original video on GitHub.
Czkawka Forum:
There is a Czkawka forum on GitHub where you can find support and help. You can also get in touch with the developers and report issues and bugs.


It also depends on your storage scheme, but this will work on many file systems.

Compare the files with this tool (I recommend Linux).
It’s also possible to delete files in bulk (and move them

System Requirements:

Microsoft DirectX 9.0
OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
OS X: 10.4 (Tiger)
CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
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