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Taking into consideration the fact that a computer is just an advanced multifunctional tool, and applications being mainly its attributes, it was only a matter of time before it became useful for medical purposes. There are various medical utilities one of which is DICOM Cleaner.
DICOM is the jpg file of a doctor. Not only does it contain images like x-rays, but also valuable information regarding the patient and what needs to be done.
Making things a little clearer
With the help of DICOM Cleaner you are able to handle and edit these file types. In terms of editing, it is limited to what its name suggests, but yet again, this why it was created.
Once the application runs, you will notice that everything you can do with it is carefully arranged in the main window. There are separate tabs for the original imported files and the cleaned ones. Below are a set of buttons that let you configure the application, import and export files, which can be either burned to a CD/DVD or sent to a remote DICOM device via network, and the main functions of this applications.
On the bottom of the main window you will find some data that can be removed, either because it is outdated or simply because it has no further use.
Clean look and user-friendly interface
There is nothing in the main window that will raise question marks about the importance and the reason why a certain button or information field is present. Everything is clearly visible and accessible, making the application easy to use and not time consuming at all.
In conclusion
It is important to keep track of patients and information regarding their status, even more important for the information present to be up to date and accurate. DICOM Cleaner just borrows a little bit of your time just to keep not only you on the safe side, but probably a patient as well.







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Dicom Cleaner Serial Key can be used to remove a lot of useless information from DICOM files. It is made up of two tools, one for cleaning and a second one for import/export. Using DICOM Cleaner is easy:
1. Install the application and launch it.
2. Choose the imported DICOM file.
3. Select the data you want to remove.
4. Click the “Start” button.
5. Allow for the application to run and delete the data you no longer need.
6. Check the results and export the file.

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You need to do:
var x = data.substring(1);

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var x = data.substr(1, data.length – 1);

You need to explicitly state that you are only going to use the first element in the array, which is the second item. So you will cut off the first element and not the last.


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What’s New in the?

Do not waste your time. Dicom Cleaner is the perfect companion in your medical and laboratory work, DICOM is the basic format, as it takes many picture storage formats, such as in MPEG, JPEG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, and some more. With a couple of mouse clicks, Dicom Cleaner can have those images removed and then imported into the correct DICOM structure. So you can have more time to focus on what matters – your job. As well as import and export, Dicom Cleaner has an option to burn the images onto a CD or DVD, which allows you to send it to the patient.
Key Features:
Import and export DICOM files
Create custom DICOM dataset
Burn images to CD/DVD
Detect and remove obsolete and incorrect information
Direct and batch import
Export for storage on the local or remote computer
Direct command line import and export
Batch process export
E-mail image list
Direct export to local or network-based imaging device
E-mail of the generated CD/DVD
File comparison
File integrity check
Batch process
Batch export
Where to buy?
You can purchase Dicom Cleaner at the source link below.

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