Download Extra Quality Doctor Strange (English) Movie Telugu Download Extra Quality

Download Extra Quality Doctor Strange (English) Movie Telugu Download Extra Quality

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Download Doctor Strange (English) Movie Telugu Download

doctor strange is an upcoming american 3d superhero film based on the marvel comics character of the same name. it is the second installment of the marvel cinematic universe. the film is directed by scott derrickson, distributed by walt disney studios motion pictures, and produced by marvel studios.
it is also the first solo film for benedict cumberbatch who played the title character in the television series sherlock. the film also stars tilda swinton, chiwetel ejiofor, rachel mcadams, mads mikkelsen, benedict wong, and kurt russell. the film is scheduled to be released on 3rd of november, 2016.
the film also features an ensemble cast of supporting characters including chiwetel ejiofor as baron mordo, who advises stephen strange in his quest to save the world from various dimensions; tilda swinton as the ancient one, a tibetan mystic and mentor to stephen strange who helps him understand his abilities and teaches him to hone them into the mystic arts; rachel mcadams as christine palmer, a brilliant neurosurgeon and stephen’s ex-fiancée; mads mikkelsen as kaecilius, a powerful sorcerer; and chiwetel ejiofor as the ancient one.
doctor strange movie is written by doctor strange co-writer jon spaihts and doctor strange co-writer c. robert cargill, with a script by scott derrickson and stephen chbosky. the film also features an expanded role for supporting cast members mads mikkelsen, tilda swinton, chiwetel ejiofor, madalyn murray o’hair, neil mcdonough, benedict wong, and the late peter atkins.

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