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1. The New Sigita: A brand new fishing trawler.
2. 6 New bonus scenarios:
3. New ships: New crew members, new jobs, new items and rooms
4. New Activities and Scenarios:
5. New weather conditions: Storms, fog, fogs, squalls, lightning…
6. Many new items, crewmen, attributes and jobs for the various jobs.
– Intuitive 3D simulation of a fishing trawler from the 19th century.
– Innovative and realistic gameplay: crew on board, real fishing techniques, freight and crew transfer between ships
– Thousands of additional models: cargo, equipment, items, ships, gear.
– Realistic time-clock: people are free to do their jobs as long as they don’t run over their shift
– Customize your vessel: paint, repaint, fix or replace elements of your vessel, etc.
– Build your own fleet: you don’t have to like the original boat to play a new one
– Ships, crew and gear: over 25 new ships, crew and items with several upgrades
– International: a large shipyard for upgrades and new construction
– A lot of improvement
What’s new in this release:
– A real alternative for the small fishing trawlers for those who want a truly realistic experience
– 4 new fishing areas to explore: Norway, American coastline, Mediterranean and Horn of Africa
– 9 new ships, which are truly unique for this period
– 25 new fishing jobs: bait the net, drag the fishing net, measure the catch, help at the rail, small repairs…
– 9 new fishing ships: Bologna (France), Jaros, Warfamere (Australia), Baribor, C.O.V. (Costa Rica), Caracola (Peru), Bertieta (Italy), Nogaga (Tunisia), Reararii (United States)
– 3 new yachts: SuperB, Mewing and King Charles
– 7 new jobs: Captain, First mate, Second mate, Deckhand, Ensign, Chef, Mate
– 2 new attributes: Fishing experience and Airship experience
– Many improvements: new docking & berthing, improved crew behavior, new ship simulator and much more…
– Improved performance & stability
Minimum requirements:
– Windows XP or higher (Windows Vista, Windows 7 or higher recommended)
– 4


Features Key:

  • 1-4-player multiplayer
  • Use the PlayStation controller. But we advise the use of an Xbox 360 controller.
  • Fully playable, able to scale the gaming resolution, and with widescreen support.
  • New graphical presentation in 3D
  • More levels
  • More levels in different areas
  • A longer game cycle
  • The Samaritan Paradox – Arriving on Desktop

    • The scenery will shift from your ‘home PC’ to three 3D’ renderers.
    • A progressive download of the game over 32 megabytes.
    • During installation, the gameplay will be automatically started.
    • You will be able to play the game even if your download is interrupted in the middle.
    • Once the game is completed, no further downloads will be necessary.
    • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

    The Samaritan Paradox – Available platforms

    • Windows; Mac; Linux (32 bit and 64 bit)
    • Dolphin; PS3

    The Samaritan Paradox – Technical statistics

    Unreal Engine 3 is used as a game engine. The game was developed using the Maya character animation software.

    • More detailed information found on our website.

    The Samaritan Paradox – Technical specifications

    We have managed to game on a 360 controller

    • 120 fps. When the screen is full-screen.
    • Cross screen support. In the TV mode, you can move your character into any other room or adjust the position of your webcam.
    • User motion support. You can even play with motion controllers.
    • Widescreen support. The game can also be played in a widescreen mode.
    • Online multiplayer

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      Survive the post-apocalyptic world with the help of the railroads in this driving game. The world has been destroyed by an apocalypse and this is the game you must play.
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      This App is in development phase.
      The platforms are Android and iOS.
      The game will have an option to download levels from internet.
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      What’s new in Earth Attack:

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