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EasyHDR BASIC [March-2022]

easyHDR BASIC is a simple tool designed to create and tone map HDR images taken with digital cameras to help users build the photos they like. The application offers some of the functionality included in easyHDR Pro, its paid counterpart, and can be used with similar results.
Simple UI with conveniently placed controls
The tool’s main window provides users with fast access to all of its functions, so that they can import and edit content effortlessly, courtesy of a set of buttons conveniently placed at the top of the workspace, where the selected photos are previewed.
A right-side panel provides fast access to a variety of options related to HDR images, allowing users to create new ones from the available images, to view tone maps, and to modify colors.
Easily modify tone maps
Users can easily modify the tone map for the selected item from the panel placed on the right side of the workspace. Some of the customization options available there include saturation, sharpness, range, and color strength.
Tone mapping settings can be saved for later use with other photos, but there are also a series of presets that users can opt in for.
Apply filters to full images or only parts of them
Once the tone mapping has been completed, users can further enhance images by applying various filters to them or by modifying their colors. The program also allows them to rotate, flip, and crop their photos.
The tool offers the possibility apply filters or modify the color of specific areas of an image, which could prove a great option when looking to enhance only specific details in a photo.
In conclusion
Users looking for a simple application that enables them to process HDR images can always try out easyHDR BASIC, which requires no investment from their part. Although it lacks some capabilities, the program is snappy, features a simple UI and fast access to controls, and also displays the changes made to an image in real-time, so that they can be easily reverted.

functions and capabilities

save settings
create new HDR image from existing source images
apply filters and tone maps to the source images
combine multiple photos into an HDR image
create a series of presets to quickly apply the same edits
support for many popular cameras (DSLR, compact, web)
support for formats and codecs (JPEG, TIFF, PNG)
very simple UI

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EasyHDR BASIC Crack [March-2022]

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EasyHDR BASIC [Mac/Win]

EasyHDR BASIC is a free application designed to create and edit HDR images from digital cameras, however it lacks some of the editing features included in the program’s paid counterpart, easyHDR Pro. It is a simple tool that can be used to process and edit images from digital cameras.
The program offers users the possibility to apply the Tonemap function in order to enhance their photos and produce high dynamic range images. It allows them to modify the saturation, the contrast, the sharpness and the range of the photos, along with other options, and can be used with the included presets. It also comes with an easy to use interface, which features a list of all the images you will have to edit in order to create a new one.
EasyHDR BASIC features a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use. It is divided into three main areas, where they can easily access all the features offered by the program.
The first one features a panel where they can preview their photos, along with that of the tones mapped ones, while the second one consists of a panel where they can modify their tone maps and the color of specific parts of their images, which can prove useful when only enhancing certain details in a photo.
At the bottom of the program, a thumbnail list of all the photos the user has available is displayed, allowing them to quickly access them.
EasyHDR BASIC Features:
Tone mapping: This feature allows users to enhance their photos in order to create photos with a high dynamic range.
Create HDR images: The program allows users to export an image as a tiff and share it with other users.
Filter: This feature allows users to apply various filters to their photos.
Apply filters: This feature allows users to modify their photo’s colors and apply several effects to them.
Explore presets: This feature allows users to create new image presets, which can be applied later to other photos.
Create new image: This feature allows users to create new images based on the images they have available.
Customize: This feature allows users to change the size of the image to be processed, rotate, crop, and flip it.
Tone map: The tone mapping function allows users to enhance their photos in order to produce photos with a high dynamic range. It can be used to enhance the range of a photo by allowing users to modify the sharpness, saturation, contrast, and the range of the image. It also allows them to apply

What’s New In?

The DIGITS software integrates all the functions of a classic digital camera into one app: it automatically creates and displays a “road map” of the image as it is captured (without having to first export the images from the camera), and then displays an on-screen view of the image and the position of each exposure to create HDR images.
The app will automatically detect and mark the boundaries of the different areas in the image that were shot at different exposures. The HDR result will be automatically calculated and displayed on-screen, while the app will update the preview of the image to follow the position of each exposure in the original photo.
Import, view, and export photos from various formats
The application has support for importing DNG, RAW, JPEG, TIF and PNG files from cameras or cameras capable of these formats. The application also supports the import of images from the camera roll.
The HDR preview will be displayed on-screen, as well as the selection of the different images that comprise the image that will be created. This process is very fast, as the app will preview the images that it displays in real-time. The HDR preview can be displayed full screen or at the same size as the images that compose the image that will be created, and it can be zoomed to show the highlights and the shadows of the image.
With the HDR images created, the user will be able to create new images with the same exposure and/or crop different areas of the image to create other styles.
The app will use the tones from the different areas to recreate the original color of the image. In addition, it will detect the highlights and the shadows, and it will increase or decrease the strength of the colors in the images based on the lighting of each area of the image.
Adjust brightness and contrast
With the app, users will be able to modify the brightness and the contrast of the images. The app will also be able to detect and remove dark areas from the images, automatically.
Easy-to-use editing tools
There are editing tools that will let the user modify the position of the images in the HDR image to facilitate the editing process and to create new images. The tools available include: rotate, flip, crop, and crop to the frame.
Import and export photos
The app will let the user save and export photos to the camera roll, as well as to the camera roll of other devices.

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Apple: iPhone/iPad Apps





iHDRPhoto is a powerful photo editing app for the iPhone. It gives you an easy way to make your own high dynamic range (HDR) images. You can also edit your photos and apply different creative effects. The app can also do some basic adjustments on your photos and also detect and correct a tonal issue if it is present.
If you

System Requirements For EasyHDR BASIC:

Windows XP SP3 and up
OS X 10.6 and up
1 GB of RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
1024×768 or better resolution.
It’s recommended you have a minimum of a 512 MB video card.
Hardware acceleration is a must for the best performance. If you want to run in windows mode, you’ll need to disable hardware acceleration.
Because of the graphics used in the game, a lot of the animation is slow.
When the game is launched, you


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