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Next year, as the Final Fantasy V celebration year comes to an end, a new fantasy action RPG is launching.

We have fully clarified the characteristics and content of the game, and have begun creating a bright world where the rules of the fantasy action RPG genre and the charm of the Final Fantasy series meet.

We are going to share more information on the game during the course of 2016.

The key points of the game are as follows:

■ An open world, based on a different fantasy mythology, where you can freely move around.

■ The impact of the power of the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen is felt directly when you are in battle, with the game’s own unique action and RPG elements.

■ Customized and integrated weapons and armor, and the limitless possibilities of combining these with magic.

■ An epic story based on the “Lands Between” and told in fragments.

Although at the game’s stage of development, there are still some details that we are unsure of, we will try to make those clear as much as possible during the game’s development.

Please be sure to look forward to it!


This game is currently not playable. We are finalizing the parts that we plan to publish.

Please enjoy the announcements until then!


[Release Date]

[Official Website]

FINAL FANTASY XV [2016.03.22]

The full version of FINAL FANTASY XV will release on March 24, 2016.







This game is currently not playable. We are finalizing the parts that we plan to publish.

Please enjoy the announcements until then!


[Release Date]

[Official Website]


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Historical Fantasy Setting Inspired by Real Events
  • A Vertical Action Game with High-Quality Graphics
  • Customize your Appearance with an Amazing! Editor
  • Adventure Through a Dramatic Story
  • Exciting PvP Battles against Players Worldwide
  • A Character Development System to Customize Characters
  • Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
  • Save Information on Characters, Monsters, Dungeons, and Related Items
  • Play with PlayStation Network
  • Arcade Mode and Monster Difficulty Level

    The arcade mode feature has been improved to make sure you keep on playing easily. A “Monster Difficulty Level” feature has been added to give the urge to continue play upon logging in again.

    Free Knowledge System

    In addition, “Free Knowledge System” has been added where you can get hints to unlock skills and scrolls, and retrieve bonuses to increase various stat points.

    Version 1.0 Beta out now!

    A beta test of version 1.0 is now available. We would like your feedback on the game to improve it even more.

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    “Brandishing the power of the Elden Ring, I run forward.

    If I can’t save the girl, I will not allow my foes to steal her.!”


    “It’s your turn.

    Now I wonder what you’ll do next?”


    “You knew I was watching.”


    “You carried this sword to the Elden Ring.

    It’s your own blood.

    But the princess.

    She was to be chosen by the light.”

    -Rise, Tarnished


    “Rise, Tarnished” is a one-time-special title, so it includes three gameplay modes different from the main story.

    Play as a Summoner of the Elden Ring.

    Replay the main story in a different manner.

    Re-experience the main story of “Rise, Tarnished” by exploring more of the Lands Between.

    5+ Playable Characters.

    Play with up to 5 characters.

    Character Customization.

    Customize your character’s appearance.

    Class Customization.

    Change your class from battle to battle.

    Partner Customization.

    Perform special attacks together.

    Hero Customization.

    Change your hero’s race and gender.

    Total amount of possible combinations:

    > 1,300,000,000

    * You can only advance to the next level once you finish the “Summoner” chapter.

    * You can choose 1 character to learn magic.

    * Character selection changes depending on which Chapter you played last.

    • Summoning

    You can summon a powerful character or fairy monster to fight by yourself or with up to 3 other players by checking the “Summon” button.

    You can summon a character at any time during battle, but there is an ideal timing to summon your strongest weapon and fairy monster.

    You can only use the strongest weapon at maximum level. The character that you use during summoning will be customized according to the class you chose.

    In addition to using it as a defense tool during battle, you can use a special attack called “Trans


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    With a High Level of Action-RPG Revival

    Featuring both pure action and role-playing elements, this is an action-RPG in which you cannot select “the best” character. The events of the game will continuously flow as you make choices, so you will become a different character depending on what you do. Through this, the game provides a high level of challenge.

    Players can freely choose their character from a range of female and male characters, each with their own characteristics and characteristics. And the following are part of the game’s appeal:

    5 Player Counts:

    You can battle your friends in the multiplayer environment, which is key to increasing the number of players.


    You can freely switch your character’s classes and abilities once you’re able to access them.

    Class Supports and Combinations:

    You can freely switch your character’s classes and abilities once you’re able to access them.

    Immersion in the Real World:

    The vivid and detailed animated scenes will provide a new action-RPG experience and increase your sense of engagement.

    1 Player-Only Addition:

    The cooperative-style PvP battle system in which you battle against other players is a fun mode that is highly recommended for newer players.

    The “Battle of the Gods” System:

    In order to create a vivid world, we’ve added a new system in which you have to fight your way through the inside of the world to fight a god as a one-on-one match. During the fight, you can access the “Battle of the Gods” mode.

    WITCHING PROFESSION Allows players to enjoy story customization such as changing their appearance, skill points, and even class combinations freely, in a world where the classes are still limited to seven but are separated into different schools.
    The “Battle of the Gods” System in PvP adds a one-on-one battle system in the world, providing an exciting point for progression and enjoyment in the PvP battle system
    World Changes in PvP:

    When players were in a state of “nil health” and in a fight against another, they would have to choose between suffering a number of blows and keeping their health or remaining in battle and trying to defeat their opponent.

    With the effects of a “Battle of the Gods” system applied in the


    What’s new:


     Final Fantasy character artwork

    Final Fantasy VII, the 17-year-old tactical RPG bursting with style, was released in 1997 for PlayStation, and subsequent releases included characters created by artist Yoshitaka Amano. 


     If you couldn't say it before, now's your chance.

    Sega’s entry into the indie scene, Planetfall is a phenomenal indie game that will totally blow your mind. 

    Dropsy: Scary Tales from the Borderland

     It's like Alice in Wonderland for the modern era.

    Platformer graphics are just the beginning: co-op play is a nifty feature, too, as four players can battle bosses together. You’ve seen this type of thing on the NES, but Dropsy goes much deeper with its gameplay. 

    Granblue Fantasy

     Unreal visuals and a charming script from the creators of Wedding Dress.

    The first title by Granblue Fantasy creator Shinya Tsukamoto, Granblue offers quite the realistic experience. A fantasy world in tune with reality? Yes, okay. 

    Doki-Doki Universe

     With an easy-to-use interface and deceptively complex game mechanics, Doki-Doki boasts a likable robot. It just didn't have the finishing touch.



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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    To make sure you can run the game smoothly on your PC, take a look at the below minimum requirements.
    Graphics card : Intel DX 11, Nvidia GTX 660
    : Intel DX 11, Nvidia GTX 660 Processor : Intel i5-4590, AMD Phenom II x6
    : Intel i5-4590, AMD Phenom II x6 Memory: 8GB RAM
    8GB RAM DirectX : Version 11
    : Version 11 Hard drive : 50GB available space
    50GB available space Sound : DirectX 9.0c compatible


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