Epsxe000.mcr And Epsxe001.mcr PATCHED

Download 🗸🗸🗸 https://tinurll.com/2m11n9



Download 🗸🗸🗸 https://tinurll.com/2m11n9









Epsxe000.mcr And Epsxe001.mcr


Extended-precision floating-point epsxe driver for the Playstation 2. Epsxe 001.mcr is a fix for the Epsxe binary file format incompatibility. Epsxe 001.mcr resync with the 001. mcr included in 002.mcr and 003.mcr. Epsxe 0000.mcr and epsxe 002.mcr Epsxe 003.mcr Epsxe 001.mcr. Epsxe 0000.mcr.
Extended-precision floating-point epsxe driver for the Playstation 2. Epsxe 0000.mcr Epsxe 001.mcr Epsxe 002.mcr Epsxe 003.mcr. Epsxe 004.mcr Epsxe 005.mcr Epsxe 006.mcr Epsxe 007.mcr Epsxe 008.mcr. Epsxe 009.mcr. Epsxe 00a.mcr Epsxe 00b.mcr Epsxe 00c.mcr Epsxe 00d.mcr Epsxe 00e.mcr. Epsxe 00f.mcr Epsxe 010.mcr Epsxe 011.mcr Epsxe 012.mcr Epsxe 013.mcr Epsxe 014.mcr Epsxe 015.mcr Epsxe 016.mcr Epsxe 017.mcr Epsxe 018.mcr Epsxe 019.mcr Epsxe 01a.mcr. Epsxe 01b.mcr. Epsxe 01c.mcr Epsxe 01d.mcr Epsxe 01e.mcr Epsxe 01f.mcr. Epsxe 020.mcr Epsxe 021.mcr Epsxe 022.mcr Epsxe 023.mcr. Epsxe 024.mcr. Epsxe 025.mcr Epsxe 026.mcr Epsxe 027.mcr Epsxe 028.mcr Epsxe 029.mcr Epsxe 030.mcr Epsxe 031.mcr Epsxe 032.mcr Epsxe 033.mcr Epsxe 034.mcr Epsxe 035.mcr Epsxe 036.mcr Epsxe 037.mcr Epsxe 038.mcr Epsxe 039.mcr Epsxe 040.mcr Epsxe 041.mcr Epsxe 042


Here is a picture of what it says on my ePSXe folder that was found from an alternate ROM. It was used to replace the one I replaced with the RID!

How do I fix this issue?


This is the problem:

Under the [GameData]->[Root] you should have a folder called “MEMCARDS” where there should be a folder called “Epsxe” with the folder “memcards”.
Inside the folder “Epsxe” there should be the files epsxe000.mcr and epsxe001.mcr, which you can load into ePSXe when you’re about to play a saved game, in case you want to play with a different ROM.


Python: How to save two tuples with the same ID to different lists?

Using Python, I’d like to know if it is possible to store two tuples to different lists with the same ID, such as
a,b = [(“45″,”4-A”),(“45″,”4-B”)]
a,b = [(“45″,”4-A”),(“45″,”4-B”)]

So for the list a, it will be saved in a list named a and for the list b it will be stored in a list named b.


You can have a dictionary with the ID as key and list of tuple as value.
dict = {‘a’:[(’45’,’4-A’)], ‘b’:[(’45’,’4-B’)]}

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