!EXCLUSIVE! Download Cisco Layer 2 🖳

!EXCLUSIVE! Download Cisco Layer 2 🖳

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Cisco Introduction to Layer 2 Switching. Cisco Systems. • • • • •
There are different types of switches. You can have all three types of switches in your network. The Network Switch is a low cost end product for most home/small businesses. The Blade Switch is a thin/hypervisor-based device with higher performance. The Access Swtch is a more affordable device.
It will help to know the types and functions of switches before you configure them for any reason.
Starting with the Layer 2 Switches
Layer two (L2) switch is basic network switch for internet infrastructure that also provides network services such as internet access and addressing for local area networks (LANs). Unlike a router which provides routing services, a Layer 2 switch is only responsible for switching packets from one port to the other, based on the MAC address that is in the header of the packet.
While basic L2 switches provide just basic features, they are generally used with L3 switches as a building block. Most L2 switches support layer 2 technology such as Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), the IEEE 802. 1D standard for Data Encryption Standard (DES) cryptography, IEEE 802. 1. A few models support IEEE 802. 1e for the more secure advanced encryption standard (AES) cryptography. Some models support the so-called Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) protocol, developed by Cisco Systems, for IEEE 802. 1e.
Switch features L2 features L2 features MAC address learning MAC address learning MAC address learning Address learning IEEE 802. 1e IEEE 802. 1e IEEE 802. 1
Port trunking Port trunking Port trunking Virtual interface
Single address per interface Single address per interface Single address per interface
Single address per interface N-Port trunking N-Port trunking N-Port trunking
A L2 switch is a network switch capable of spanning physical and data links. Most of the physical links are Ethernet links connecting two or more Ethernet networks; an L2 switch can connect Ethernet based local area networks (LANs) as well as Ethernet based wide area networks (WANs).
The L2


Cisco 1140-X UDP – Layer 2 Switch, Switch Family. Login to “Guest” to proceed.
Download of the tech sheet for Cisco 1140-X UDP – Layer 2 Switch, Switch Family. # µTOS Version. 2. 2. 13. 6. 8. 8.
By clicking “download”, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions listed above.
The Cisco 1140-X UDP – Layer 2 Switch, Switch Family is designed to handle the traffic patterns typical of small offices and large data centers. You can use it to create or to enhance your own layer 2 network.
Visit the Cisco 1140-X Web page for the latest software and hardware support information.
** 1045-T – 10/100/1000M Base LAN
** 1045-T – 10/100/1000M Management LAN
** 1045-C – 10/100/1000M CPEs
** 1140-C – Gigabit CPEs
** 1140-L – 10/100/1000M CPEs
** 1140-D – 10/100/1000M CPEs
There are two types of interfaces available on the Cisco 1140. The first two interfaces (10/100/1000BaseT) provide a fast, efficient connection between your PC and router.
Learn Cisco 1140-X UDP – Layer 2 Switch, Switch Family – Networking – Cisco – Tech Support by visiting VdT’s website.
Download the adapter driver. If you cannot open the file, you must use the default location.
Device Manager
Device Manager
Select the 1140.
Click “Add”, then browse for the file.
Click “Install”, then restart the PC.
The interface should now be listed in the “Network and Sharing Center” Windows desktop.
Tap “Router Settings” and select “Router”.
Tap “Device Manager”.
Tap “Network Settings”.
Click “Miscellaneous Settings”.
Tap “Default IPv4 Settings”.
Choose “Use Automatic” to automatically configure the IP address.
Choose “Use DHCP” to use dynamic IP allocation.
Choose “Use automatic private addressing” to use private addressing.
Click “OK”.
Click “Clear”.
Click “OK”.
Router Configuration
The private address is the IP address configured on the LAN subinterface of the 1140.
IP address: private IP address to be used by


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