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Define a macro
Variable Substitution:
Use in place of a variable
Prepare the program for the macro system
Macro Replacement:
Process source files and find macros
Change/replace the code in the file
(setf *macro* (list (list “cut” “two”) (list “paste” “two”) (list “paste” “two” “two”)))
(compile “some-code.lisp”)
(ex-info (ex (find-macros ‘((find-macros) (:replace-macros (:compile (code* ‘(progn) ‘((\* 2) (\* 2))))) (:replacements (\*2) (\*2))))) “Replacement count too high”)
One or more macros can be defined, each is a list of (name. replacement) pairs.
The name is a string. The replacement is a list of Lisp expressions to be evaluated before compilation.
The replacement expression must evaluate to a list (not necessarily to the same list as the source code).
Each macro is processed in turn.
See the EXAMPLES section for more information on the EXAMPLES macro.
Macro name
Macro value
(macro-definition-expansion macro name…)
A macro definition is expanded in turn using a recursive macro definition.
The macro definition is expanded as follows:
Macro-body is the body of the macro (before expansion).
The following formulae are used to determine the location of the macro-body:
(1) If the macro definition is a form-definition, the macro-body is the expanded form
(2) If the macro definition is a form-or-macro-definition, the macro-body is the expanded form
(3) Otherwise, the macro-body is the body of the macro.
(macro-definition-expansion macro-body)
Macro-body is expanded recursively. If the macro definition is a form-definition, the macro-body is the expanded form. Otherwise, the macro-body is expanded and the expanded form is inserted at the beginning of the macro-body. The macro-body is processed again until it is no longer needed.
Macro-body 70238732e0

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Install this small executable on your computer, and you can use it to perform a “keystroke” operation on your computer. KEYMACRO (Keystroke Macro) allows you to perform a series of keystrokes quickly and easily. When you run the program, it will show a dialog box with a menu of available keystrokes. Click on a keystroke, and it will be performed. Click the “Run” button, and it will be performed. Once you have chosen the keystrokes you wish to perform, click the “Load” button, and you can save your configuration.
When you re-open the program, it will remember your keystrokes, and you can perform them when you want. This can save you time, and you can perform a variety of tasks (e.g., login to your email, search the Internet, or look up a company’s address).
With KEYMACRO, you can perform your keystrokes in the following:
– Display a string of text in a specified location.
– Start a program.
– Start a program with arguments.
– Start an explorer.
– Start an active window.
– Display a text file.
– Take an action on a mouse event.
– Download a file.
– Open a file (e.g. an HTML page).
– Open a URL.
– Open a MHTML file.
– Open a PDF file.
– Open a WORD file.
– Send a command to the terminal.
– Send a command to the command line.
– Create a new shortcut.
– Show a dialog box.
– Show an OK Dialog box.
– Show a warning dialog box.
– Show a Message box.
– Open a window.
– Open a popup window.
– Open a new browser window.
– Open a new tab in your browser.
– Put up an on-screen message box.
– Prompt to user.
– Send a post message to newsgroup.
– Start a new thread in the newsgroup.
– Jump to a URL.
– Click and drag a file.
– Drag a file.
– Navigate to a directory.
– Copy a file.
– Rename a file.
– Start a program (32-bit only).
– Launch a program.
– Launch a program with arguments.
– Start a program with an argument.
– Start a program with


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