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Fifa 10 Crack Razor1911 14

*this is a multiple step process.

So i have never bought or played fifa 10 in my life (even though i want to), but i find the idea of multiplayer appealing. There is this game called fifa 10 (the new fifa) and it is basically street fighter (aka M2K) on the footy field. anyway all i want to know is if there is anything that will let you use the razor1911 headset so i can play it.

I’ve gotten this game before for my Xbox 360 and I’ve played it, and for some odd reason, or even well maybe I’m just plain bored, I find myself playing it again.

Anyway, I figured that I could use your creater to send me a link to download the game… but I forgot to bring my controller, so I’d use a wired controller.

I know they allow you to turn off what you don’t want to activate, but what are the console commands to do that without having to go and close down the game?

Also, I’ve never tried this game, but i do play xbox 360 games online with this Xbox 360 controller that has a speaker and a microphone on it. I think that it calls it “headset” though.

It is the one with a band on it around the “head”. It has a lot of buttons on it…

Anyways, I can tell you if the answers to your questions are yes or no, so if you could post a link to how to download a cracked version of fifa 10 online with this controller, that would be really awesome.

If not… well, the game is rated E for Everyone, so you’d have to be 13 years or older to download it… so I guess it is illegal for me to get it.

But I can still get it by downloading your game and then just copy it from the console over to my desktop. But if you do not mind giving out the name of the game, I don’t think that would be illegal. I would have to check on that for sure though.

Sorry for leaving you out like that. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next real episode of fortnite before I start downloading the cracked version of it. 😉

Hey, thanks for the reply, that was a lot of reading lol…

Alright, so I ended up downloading the cracked version using a friend’s computer… and

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Regex to find email id

I am trying to find the email id in a string using regular expression
I have a string look like this
look for email
here and
you want this
to you
this you want
not interested

When I use
String regex = “\\b[a-z0-9._%+-]+@[a-z0-9.-]+\\.[a-z]{2,4}\b”;

I am unable to capture the email id ( i.e – “”)


With your regex, you’re looking for a text that starts with one word, followed by a “.” (which can be any character) and ends with one word, followed by a “.”.
It seems like you want something more like “^[a-z0-9.-]+@[a-z0-9.-]+\\.[a-z]{2,4}$” and that will work for your current problem.
The ^ means “start of string”, the $ means “end of string” and the – means “literally” for a range of characters. A \b is a type of word boundary, so it matches between the beginning of the string and the first character in the range.
You’ll probably find more information on regex in the Java docs, and the javadoc on the RegExp constructor (

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