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Saving your image on the desktop and getting ready to work

This is an easy way to get up and running for any newcomer to Photoshop. After opening the program, create a new folder to keep your images in. If you want to save your work in this folder, you need to be able to write to it. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Windows Start menu (which you saw earlier in this chapter) and open the Control Panel window. The Control Panel is the top left of the screen in Figure 13-1. (The Windows Start menu is at the bottom left of the screen.)

From the Control Panel, choose Appearance and Personalization and then Control Panel Settings. The first setting to highlight is Disk and File Management, as shown in Figure 13-2. Click this icon to open the Disk Management window, which I discuss in Chapter 8. When the window opens, the first thing you need to do is check the box next to Drives labeled as Local Disk (not the SSD or the network drive). You then need to click the button to the right of the Show icons for all disks (unless you’re ready for the entire drive to show all the info — that’s a ton of data). The window should look like Figure 13-3. When you’re done, you can click OK to save changes. You can always go back in and change your settings at any time by clicking this icon to the right of the Disk icon.

FIGURE 13-1: The Windows Start menu has the Control Panel here.

FIGURE 13-2: The Disk and File Management feature allows you to check up on your hard drives.

FIGURE 13-3: Click the box to the right of the window to make all your drives appear.

I need to include this warning because the Windows OS hides some common drives that you may see connected to the computer, such as an external hard drive. To access these drives, you may need to go to the Control Panel and then click the Disk Management tool,

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This guide will walk you through the steps of taking the good, retouching the bad, and making a perfect image in Photoshop Elements.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that are included in Photoshop Elements 2019 as well as how to use them.

Tip: If you want to follow along with the steps in the tutorial, you can download the files from the Mega File. They are located at the end of the article.

Before we begin

You can use these steps to make a new good quality image, but if you want to make an awesome birthday card or design an awesome website, you will need to be using Photoshop.

Open Photoshop and select File > Open or go to the folder in which the pictures are.

Open your photo that you would like to edit or change the colors.

If you plan on using the images for a website, you will want to go to File > Save As and save to the folder you would like to use.

Taking a photo

You can make a new photo or edit an existing photo with the tools in Photoshop Elements.

Camera Raw

This is the first step in editing a picture. All the photos have been opened into the image editor, which is also known as the RAW converter.

If you haven’t made any changes to the photo before, it will have a little gray square at the top of the image to help you edit the settings.

If you want to click on the menu in the top left of the screen to view the settings, you can do that by selecting the Help button in the top left of the screen.

How to use the menu:

Right Click on the image: Click and hold on the photo you would like to edit and hold down the left mouse button until the menu pops up. Right click on the image and select More > Edit. Select the Right click menu that pops up. Click on More > Edit Settings.

After the menu comes up, select the menu you would like to use and choose the setting you would like to change. When you have finished using the menu, click on the blue square to go back to the previous settings you used.

To help you edit and make a new photo, you can view the Adjustments on the top toolbar.

Camera Raw also has the option of using the LCD panel to show you the settings you are using so you

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Photoshop’s tools can also be used to make digital scrapbooking projects.
The Pen Tool is one of the most important tools to start with when creating your own digital artwork. The Pen Tool is used to draw, move, shape, and resize shapes. It allows for a lot of creativity in design and to achieve great effects.

The Puppet Tool is another very powerful tool found within Photoshop. The Puppet Tool allows you to stretch and compress objects. Objects can then be moved independently of one another.

Most of Photoshop’s features can be found through the image menubar. For example:
If you want to create a new document, use the File menu and select New.
If you want to open an existing document, use the File menu and select Open.
If you want to view the image you have currently open, click the Image menu and select Zoom.
If you want to save your current image, click the File menu and select Save.
If you want to change the size of an object, click the Edit menu and select Transform.
If you want to change the foreground or background color of an object, click the color menu and select Foreground or Background, respectively.

As you experiment with Photoshop, you will learn more about the different tools and how to use them. Don’t be discouraged when you find you need to experiment more with Photoshop’s tools. Practice, practice, practice!

We hope that this tutorial has taught you a few new things about Photoshop. If you didn’t find the tutorial helpful, leave a comment below, or send a suggestion or question to us. We’d love to read your comment or idea!

Photoshop Essentials: Advanced Tasks | 52 Vintage Photos Turned into Pop Art by Daniel Niedersberger – Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:30pm

If you’re just starting out in the graphics business, you’ll want to learn the basics. But it gets harder once you begin doing your own digital graphics. To help, we’ve put together Photoshop essentials: advanced tasks. You’ll find these quick tips, tutorials and techniques that help you become a more experienced and expert digital artist.

We have listed 28 of the most popular Photoshop tools along with useful tips and tricks. You can take these tips and tricks and apply them to your own work. You might discover some new features of the program, or you might even just be inspired.

Photoshop is a graphics program that comes with tons of tools

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Plotting points on a line, but in a specific direction

I am trying to plot some points on a line using the following code:

System Requirements For Photoshop Free Overlays Download:

Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Mac OS X:
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10

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