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Pictures are usually taken on special occasions to help remember some important moments. However, the trend has greatly evolved, and with the variety of devices fitted with powerful cameras, pictures have become a routine. If you’re interested, your PC can be turned into a photo booth with applications like FreePhotoBooth.
Can be used on the go
You can easily carry it around on a USB flash drive to use on other computers as well, because there’s no setup involved to make the application work. On the other hand, you do need to make sure that Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is installed for proper functionality.
On launch, you’re asked to select the device you want to use to capture images, after which the menu gives you the possibility to tweak different color or image settings. However, these are all part of the device driver features, because the application itself isn’t fitted with any extra effects, or layers.
Leaves more to be desired
There are several methods to use the application. The first is the multiple shot method, which lets you have one, two, or four pictures taken at the press of a button. However, these are not instantly taken, but with a customizable delay, which is 5 seconds by default. You’re free to change it from the settings menu.
Another mode lets you take one single picture, again, with configurable delay. Last but not least, there’s the option to switch to print mode, which aims to directly print out each picture after it’s taken. However, you’re prompted each time to choose the printer and settings, which can add some time to the overall process. What’s more, saving can only be done to a fixed location, with no option to change this.
A few last words
To sum it up, FreePhotoBooth comes with good intentions, and provides three somewhat different capture methods. However, implementation of features leaves more to be desired, with the lack of option to set save location, and no extra effects or other layers for an enhanced experience.








The world’s first on-the-go photo booth. Start the app, take photos, and share them with your friends. It’s as easy as that.
1. Capture your pictures with one-touch PhotoButton
2. Post your pictures right to Facebook
3. Set up your FREE photo booth
Best for:
-Everyone can start taking fun-loving photos with ease and share them with their friends
-You can even try taking photos of yourself!
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Are you looking for the newest feature which is available on the Samsung Android smartphone? Then, wait no more! With the news that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy A9 smartphone in the middle of 2017. However, not many know what is a premium camera smartphone with Samsung Galaxy A9 phone camera. So, here are some new features which are in Galaxy A9 smartphone’s camera.

A new Galaxy A9 smartphone’s camera is going to be launched soon and many people are wondering about the top five features of the camera which is going to be available in Samsung Galaxy A9 smartphone. Yes, the camera features are going to be present in the Galaxy A9 phone and you can check out some of the features below.

Galaxy A9 phone camera should be capable of capturing high-resolution images. The camera of the phone will allow you to take 4K Ultra HD videos. The front camera is also going to be able to offer the same experience as the rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy A9 smartphone camera is going to be offering users with a new feature called Live Focus. This feature will allow you to take beautiful selfies.

Apart from these, there are many other amazing features available with the new Galaxy A9 smartphone’s camera. So, what are you waiting for? You can find more information about the Galaxy A9 phone’s camera in the following link.

If you are one of the new Samsung Galaxy A7 and A7 edge users, then you must be having a hard time with finding a right storage solution to have more space for your Android smartphones. Yes, we all know that smartphones are one of the vital tools in our lives. We use them for communicating with our loved ones, posting photos and making money. It is the main reason why we use them. Thus, we must keep our

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If you feel like there’s nothing better to do at your office, or have a few hours in your hand, you might want to give FreePhotoBooth Activation Code a try. On its home page, the application has been presented with a catchy introduction, which describes how you can capture images in a more creative way. However, what you get is actually a system that isn’t quite ready for prime time.

On initial launch, you’re asked to select your device, and select the duration you want to wait before capturing the images. However, there’s no option to choose the size of the thumbnails, and the lack of a ‘save location’ setting can only be seen as a downside. What’s more, the application doesn’t have any additional features to really make it stand out, but it has the potential to be a real hit for the people who feel like there’s nothing better to do at their office.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, the application can be downloaded for free from the download page.

OneNote is a simple note taking application. There is a feature in the program where users can change the font, font size, font color, background color and even themes. It can also be used for taking notes, diaries, screen captures, class notes and many other things. This lets the user to use the application for a variety of purposes and achieve different goals.

Features of OneNote

OneNote has been designed with the purpose of helping people to share their thoughts. The main features of the application include:

OneNote Description

A note taking software is used for making notes and jotting down thoughts. It is used by professionals as well as students and businessmen. OneNote is specially designed for making notes, but it also allows users to do other things. OneNote is used by professionals, students, and businessmen. OneNote features include:


This feature enables to take notes and make notes from anywhere in the program.


OneNote is used to make notes and jot down thoughts. This feature enables users to stick notes.


This feature enables users to select the color and background color of their notes.


If users want to make a backup of their notes, they can make a backup of the notes.


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Diff highlights differences in SQL, and make finding the difference between tables, views and queries much easier. In this article I show you how to use Diff to quickly diff all stored procedures in a SQL Server instance against each other, but also against a baseline.
This article will walk you through using the SQL Server 2008 native diff (better known as SQLDIFF) command line tool with the “XML” style of output. This is the same kind of output that SQL Compare and SQL Compare XML produce.
SQLDIFF is a command line tool to compare any two SQL Server objects to each other, and against a baseline. There are a few ways to use SQLDIFF, for example, you can compare a stored procedure to a baseline stored procedure. In this article, I show you how to use SQLDIFF to quickly diff all stored procedures in a SQL Server instance against each other, but also against a baseline.
Before you can use SQLDIFF you must have it installed on your server, and set the “Output to file” option to make sure you have the path to your server object file ready.
Setting the Output path:
SQLDIFF can output to a file or to a table. It can also output to a file in the style of the SQL Compare Tools. The table style of output is the one we will be using in this article.
To set the Output path
1. On the home screen, click on the “View” tab
2. Select “Output To File”
3. From the drop down select “Select a file path”
4. In the Save text box, enter the path to the database on your computer
This output path is used to control where the output is stored. For example, if you enter the file path “C:\temp\”, the output will be stored in that folder.
Comparing the Procedures:
The first thing you should do when you get the output from SQLDIFF is to remove the “/REVERTED”, “/baseline” and “/base” from the output. Doing this will cause the output to contain only the differences between the original file and the comparison file. So if the stored procedure is called “sp_GetDatabases”, you should see something like:
After removing the text, you’ll get the output as an XML file.
The output

What’s New in the?

This application helps you make bootable flash drives, and can be used to create rescue disks for Windows

It allows you to create a bootable USB flash drive that can be used as a recovery tool in the event of an operating system crash. The main goal of this software is to have a recovery option for all versions of Windows. Even Windows XP users can make their own Windows 7 bootable flash drives with the help of this free software.
What You Get With The Program

The software provides a wizard that guides you through the process of creating the bootable flash drive. You can start creating the drive from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows XP. The bootable flash drive created by this software can be used as a rescue disk to restore the operating system from a corrupted version. You can use it to recover your data in case of OS crashes.
Benefits of Using This Software

The Bootable Flash drive created by this software is easy to use.
It can be used to restore the operating system from a corrupted version.
You can create your own bootable flash drives using this software.
It supports a wide variety of operating systems.
What You Get With The Program

Quickly and easily recover lost files with this one handy feature-packed application

With free File Recovery Wizard, you can easily and quickly recover your deleted or lost files. With it you can also recover your files even when your data recovery tools are not enough. If you can access your PC, you can use File Recovery Wizard to recover lost data. Data files may have been deleted, lost or damaged without you realizing it. In this case, you can use File Recovery Wizard to recover data from lost or damaged files on your hard drive. You can also recover data from various folders, including Recycle Bin, System Volume Information, Temporary Internet Files and Desktop. Furthermore, you can restore files and folders from external drives or computers.

What You Get With The Program

Easily and quickly recover deleted files

Recover deleted and lost files with ease

Recover data files from various folders

Restore files from external drives and computers

How to use this software

1. Connect the external drive to your computer and open File Recovery Wizard.

2. Select the drive you want to recover files from in the window on the left.

3. Click on the Recover button to scan the drive and display the deleted or lost files.

4. After the scan, click on the Restore button to recover lost or deleted files.

5. Click on the Start button to complete the operation.


Recover deleted and lost files with ease

Recover files from various folders

Restore files from external drives or computers

Recover files and folders from the recycle bin and from the system volume information.

Ways to Connect



System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad 2.5 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 500 MB of available space
Additional Notes:
ASUS Multimedia Download Center is used to download game update and driver.
Please make sure you have installed Multimedia Download Center before the installation.
We cannot guarantee the correctness of the downloaded files.

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