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This game requires a mouse or touch input. Emptied sprites increase to limit the number of moves. It is possible to catch the heroine. Defeating the heroine is a part of the game’s system of challenge. “Stale!” is a special technique. In this case, all the sprites are empty. Each ball and tank has a certain movement length. The ball moves as you press the joystick and the tank moves as you press the direction button. At the bottom, the amount of power is shown to help you plan your strategy. Simply act on the plan to win! *Depending on the level, not all sprites may be emptied. The higher the level, the smaller the stage, and the more people there are on stage. Also, the number of heads on the players changes. *Some stages may be difficult to clear with less-than-perfect data. If you clear this game with bad data, it is recommended to try again. If the results seem strange, set it to the wrong data while in the middle of the game. *Playable from the start (Not available in the “Training”)(Level 8) The heroine is located at the bottom left of the screen. You can move the heroine by using the Joystick and the direction button. You can press the joystick by yourself, or you can use “Plant Power” to make the heroine move faster. The direction button is used to push the heroines around. While you are using the joystick, press the button to plant power. The power points of the heroines are shown at the bottom. As you press the direction buttons, more heads come, and you can make the heads move faster. If you make all the heads move faster, you get a game over. *For certain operations, you can press the Enter button (The key in the upper right). You can also press the Enter button if you try to plant the power and have not pressed the direction button. *If you press the Joystick while pressing the direction button, it will be hard to keep track of the direction of the heads. If you stop pressing the joystick, it returns to the normal control situation. If you stop pressing the direction button while pressing the joystick, it returns to the normal control situation. *Some functions are needed to move the heroine, so you need to use the direction button. *The direction button


Futurejam Features Key:

  • String with all the Strategy 11 Generations – Fixed Techniques, Ability Gauge-raising techniques, Shuffle techniques, ICs active techniques.
  • Unique “Limiter” system – Can increase the effective damage of certain attacks by a Limiting bonus system.
  • Element-based techniques. There is a 3rd generation of elements based techniques. Each technique has an element-based mechanics
  • Towards endgame mechanics, a new Rolling Route System. Roll Route will present a sequence of moves, allowing players to try out and have the best strategies for different situations
  • Ability-based Techniques.
  • Hyper Drive Practice. Added at the beginning of the game, allows the player to add effects on the Cyber Code to enhance the player’s ability.
  • Element based (aftershock) or ability-based (e.g. I-no-Hit) cards. Cards can be changed by typing a Cyber Code.
  • Card Cards Game Mechanics. Players who play the advanced form card cards will be able to enhance the cards effects by typing a special purpose code.
  • Input Management. Player can assign a special purpose to their inputs, and can use the in-game input management to increase the power of their cyber attacks (or other inputs).
  • Unique Equipment (by equipment type) are available for each equipment classes.
  • Use the Keywords system. Input first letter of words for special purpose. The effect of using each of keywords are various.


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What’s new in Futurejam:

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System Requirements For Futurejam:

Windows 7, 8, and 10. 128 MB RAM recommended. High Definition (HD) graphics card with 256 MB video RAM recommended. DirectX 11. DirectX 11 is required to play the game. Some of the technology in the game will require more system power than others. The game will run the best on high-end PC’s but low-end PC’s will get the best performance. NOTE: These are minimum recommended requirements and some features will not be available if your PC does not meet the minimum specs.


Rating4.32 / 5 ( 5749 votes )
Update(13 days ago)


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