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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Cheatsl

the recently released tom clancy’s ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 is the sequel to the now-defunct tom clancy’s ghost recon, which was released in 2005. ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 offers a single player and two player co-operative missions. there are four classes that can be played in the game; recon, demolitions, sniper, and armorer. there are some new features in the game that you can read about in the tom clancy’s ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 cheatsl page.

the gameplay in the single player mode is very similar to the tom clancy’s ghost recon. the player is given a variety of weapons and equipment to use while playing the game. players can use the mini-14, m4a1, ak47, mg3, dragunov, and the m14. the player is required to drive a variety of vehicles including the hovercraft, humvee, and the van. players will meet a variety of different types of characters such as the us army, lav, rebels, and mercenaries.

ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, today announced the release of “tom clancy’s ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 legacy edition” – the final release of this year’s “co-op collection”. the legacy edition will enrich and extend the original game by allowing players to expand their live experience with an all-new co-op campaign and a total of nine maps, seven of which are inspired by classic maps from ghost recon’s illustrious history and two that are totally brand new. this premium content package is available now via the xbox live marketplace for 800 microsoft points. readmore

the united states is in a fight for its life. the ghosts, a u.s. army special forces unit deployed on a counter-terrorist mission in mexico, has been attacked and overrun by a deadly new enemy from within. if they fail, the united states will fall. if they succeed, the u. will have a chance to win the war. only the ghosts can prevent this. this is a story of hope, of courage, of sacrifice and of justice, told from the perspectives of three very different characters. each of them knows the pain of loss, and each of them will risk everything to protect the others. read more

the following list contains codes, cheat devices and trainers for tom clancy’s ghost recon advanced warfighter 2. cheat devices are untested, unconfirmed and may break your game, read at your own risk. if you think a cheat is inappropriate, please do not use it. we encourage you to report such things. the game begins in ciudad jurez just after general ontiveros’rebellion, where mexican rebel activity has caused civil unrest throughout mexico. despite the death of carlos ontiveros, the insurgency has continued under the leadership of juan de la barrera, even spreading into other latin american states, including colombia, honduras and panama where rebel forces have effectively shut down the panama canal. the ghosts are sent to mexico by general joshua keating to investigate claims that the rebels are in possession of a dirty bomb, as well as prevent the rebellion from directly assaulting us soil. immediately after arriving in mexico, the ghosts are put to work destroying a sizable rebel position guarded by two large artillery pieces, enabling additional american forces to reach the main battle-zone. shortly thereafter, captain scott mitchell aids an aerial attack against a rebel supply base from black hawk 5, annihilating two enemy weapons convoys in the process. the ghosts also learn that de la barrera has obtained old ukrainian red star iv nuclear warheads. combined with several medium-range, pakistani-built kashmira-ii missiles stolen from cargo ships in the canal, the rebels now possess the ability to destroy any major city in the united states. tom clancy’s ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 builds off of the events in the first game and places gamers in control of the u.s. military’s elite fighting unit, the ghosts. in the year 2014, the rising conflict between mexican loyalists and insurgent rebel forces has thrown mexico into full-scale civil war. under the command of captain scott mitchell, the ghosts are called upon to face an imminent threat to the united states. the fate of two countries now lies in the hands of the ghosts as they fend off an attack on u. soil. equipped with the most cutting-edge weaponry and technology, the ghosts must battle on both sides of the border to neutralize the escalating rebel threat. 5ec8ef588b

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