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Half Girlfriend In Tamil Hd 1080p


Avara Paagal Deevana | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar Sunil Shetty Aftab Shivdasani | HD 1080p
Synopsis: One day, having chosen a lotus tea shop in her neighborhood, Avara Deevan is surprised to see a young man there who literally screams with all his appearance that he is not sitting still and that his business is going great. Soon this young man, Akshay Haradhey, helps Avara Deevan find his loved one, albeit a very unexpected one. Akshay was so deeply in love that it interfered with his relationship with his family and he was ready to do anything to be close to his beloved. A year later, Akshay committed suicide after learning that a loved one had betrayed him. Even Akshay himself could not resurrect him. After a while, the understanding comes that his life could be completely different if he were next to the one with whom he spent so much time.
What the film is about: In this film, the actors are clearly criticized. And here’s why: Akshay Deevat (Sri Lankan actor) makes the same mistakes all the time. That is why he is called “on one face”. And in general, his character is just an unimaginable parody of how Western actors should play such roles. In addition, he has a completely unconvincing performance in some scenes.
Who is playing Parvati? You know – this is a very expensive actress, her fee is 100 thousand dollars per episode. It turns out that Akshay, just because he plays like that, gets 500 thousand per episode at the box office? I always look with caution at the movies at Western actors who are such great actors, but they play, sorry, like the Papuans.
Akshay in this movie as a bespectacled nerd… And her whole role in the movie is that she crawls like a worm. The inability to reincarnate struck. Maybe it’s time to take her out of the movie? If only because of how she screwed up in the end. Too “beautiful”. She also said all sorts of nonsense.
The main part of the film does not cause any emotions. Akshik was probably promised to pay 2 million dollars for this film and he blurted out that he would not play Avar. It’s definitely not Avar.
There is a lot of criticism about the performance of the artist, and I think if you think like that, then you should cancel






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