HD Online Player (Escape Plan Dual Audio 720p Free 22) [BEST] 🧨

HD Online Player (Escape Plan Dual Audio 720p Free 22) [BEST] 🧨


HD Online Player (Escape Plan Dual Audio 720p Free 22)


The world is taken over by the most powerful genetic organism to ever exist: Nano AI. At the same time, some of the most dangerous criminals and most infamous terrorists are being set loose on the streets.

General Mike Breen, head of the US Army, is asked to help stop the spread of the virus. In exchange for his help, Breen receives a clear and open shot at the President of the United States, Donald Gold.

In the process of his mission, General Breen’s family is torn apart as his wife, daughter, son and two daughters-in-law are caught up in the crossfire.

But General Breen won’t surrender. He will fight back, he will take action and he will cross the moral line in a desperate attempt to save the most powerful nation on earth.

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In this thrilling adventure, General Breen has a singular goal: bring down a president. After years of serving, he’s finally been given a shot at the White House. Unknowingly, he’s been set up to help the biological doomsday terrorist in possession of deadly Ebola Nano-Virus. Breen knows the outcome will devastate the nation, but he’s out for revenge. With the president’s help, Breen’s operation was set in motion. Breen is determined to save the world, but has an assassin hunting him. He will cross the line and face death in order to protect the most powerful nation on earth.

The action thriller is directed by Roland Emmerich (Stargate, Godzilla, Stargate SG-1) and produced by Lawrence Bender (The Invasion, Storks, Soul Surfer, Courage Under Fire). The screenplay is written by Skip Woods, Tony Gilroy and David Callaham, based on the comic book by Charles Soule and Dave Johnson.

Sylvester Stallone, best known as Rocky, is back in the ring, this time a federal general hunting the president. The Ultimate Movie Night Package can be viewed at Wal-Mart for $29.99.



Take on many-tentacled horrors and band together with other inmates on an increasingly lethal mental asylum.

Sylvester Stallone returns to his signature role as Lt. Frank Rourke, a tough and emotionally scarred man who has been relegated to the worst possible job at the worst possible place.

The USA Network Original Series, by Lionsgate Television, is a fusion of breaking-edge thrills, psychological intrigue and high-concept espionage. Escape Plan: The Series delivers a feature-film calibre of world-class visual effects, radical twists, and a propulsive and action-filled storytelling concept.

The series follows a tight-knit team of escape artists — many of whom are awaiting their last chance for parole — who must try to save the lives of the citizens of a fictional North African country now controlled by a terrorist group.

The series also features breakout performances from Hollywood and international talent including Richard Jenkins, Delroy Lindo, Ghassan Massoud, Alex Lawther, Eoin Macken, Aleksey Simanov, Aran Goyette, Jesse Eisenberg, John Cena, and Chris Nolan.

Cutting Edge Creations is currently hard at work in the post-production stages of Escape Plan: The Series, creating special visual effects and bringing the series to life in ways that have never been attempted in television before.

Episodes of Escape Plan: The Series are available for streaming on Netflix globally.

Cutting Edge Creations (CEC) is a leading boutique visual effects house, based in Southern California and London.

CEC’s Visual Effects (VFX) production team operate in all areas of Visual Effects (VFX) Production and Post-Production. From project conception to post-production delivery, CEC are at the forefront of cutting-edge creative solutions for all types of film and television productions.

CEC have worked for a wide range of clients and on a variety of projects including the visual effects for Netflix’s Emmy-award winning drama, ‘House of Cards’.

CEC have also worked on a number of critically acclaimed feature films including ‘John Wick’, ‘The Revenant’, ‘Gods of Egypt’ and‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2’.

They have also worked on TV and commercial projects, with key clients

Chase (Pablo Chavarria) is the co-captain of a team of specialists that specialize in breaks into high-security environments. His team consists of Chase, his partner and confidante Karen (Olivia Munn),

Chase meets Sofia (Julia Stiles), a young art thief. Chase is drawn to her because she appears to have no respect for the men and women who work in her field. However, she’s attracted to

him in a strange way. Sofia introduces her team (Bridget Regan, Holland Taylor, and Yvonne Strahovski) to the seven members of Chase’s team, and they hatch a plan to make a break into an

art gallery where the paintings are held in a vault. In the vault Chase and Sofia must escape. They hide in a locked room and set up a file server. The thieves have time to steal four of the paintings,

which are all around the gallery. While the theft is going on, a security guard, Chet (Michael Ironside), enters the gallery. He sees the thieves removing the paintings and follows their every move,

so he can get one last look at the paintings. However, the team decides to use Chet to complete their mission. While Sofia (who has stolen a Leonardo da Vinci portrait from the gallery) distracts

Chet, Chase, Karen, and the other team members go inside the vault and remove a painting. The team is not prepared for what they find — it’s not a Leonardo, it’s an original by Stuart Fisher. They

see the painting stolen by Sofia, and they all escape just as Sofia and Chet return to the gallery. Chase is shocked by Sofia’s deception and leaves to seek retribution. But Sofia gets back the

original, and they dance on the couch together to celebrate.

When Karen attempts to get Chase to move on, she reveals that she still loves him, and that it’s not fair to bring the team into it. However, the two later get into a fight when Chase, in

search of the original Stuart Fisher painting, finds the one he’s looking for. The team agrees to help Chase get the painting back, but when the thieves return to steal the one they took, Chase and

Sofia are confronted by a masked man with a gun. Sofia is able to knock the gun away, but the


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