HD Online Player (hidden Kisses 2016 1080p Web Dl Aac2) 🠪

HD Online Player (hidden Kisses 2016 1080p Web Dl Aac2) 🠪



HD Online Player (hidden Kisses 2016 1080p Web Dl Aac2)

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Video Player HD Online Player (hidden Kisses 2016 1080p Web Dl Aac2)
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Is the internet a proxy

Is the internet a proxy? What about https connections? If I connect to a server from a local network, will my packets pass trough a http server?
What about the internet itself?
What if I browse the internet from my telephone or something like that?


It is a proxy. Generally, it is used for:

Host name resolution (e.g. when you type in a URL, it uses the DNS to resolve the address to an IP address)
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Denial of Service (DoS) mitigation
Sensitive information leak mitigation

When your device goes over the internet, such as your phone, it will use the normal internet (HTTP), and only when it comes to a web server within the local network it will go through the Internet. If this was not the case, the application could connect directly to the web server.
Of course, it is then very easy to get some information through the Internet. You are not aware, but this might be possible if someone has access to your network and runs a sniffer or an MITM proxy in the internet.
A firewall can be used to block some traffic, but if you do not use one, an attacker could just connect to the port and view the information. It is also possible that a host provides this information, e.g. a printer does.
In short, yes, the internet is a proxy.


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