HD Online Player (Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Movie Download In Hindi 720p) |TOP|

HD Online Player (Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Movie Download In Hindi 720p) |TOP|



HD Online Player (Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Movie Download In Hindi 720p)

the year is 1996, and tusshar kapoor, fresh from his graduation from yale university, is in mumbai to make his acting debut. in mujhe kucch kehna hai, he plays a student, and the film on 30 july 1996 completes more than a decade today.

mujhe kuch kehna hai is directed by muzaffar ali which released in 2000 and features dilip kumar, shah rukh khan, darsheel safary and sonali bendre in lead roles. the movie is based on a hindi story of the same name written by sachin bhowmik and penned by karan anshuman. its a well balanced romantic comedy.

birds eye view on the films release. he says, “the movie is very relevant now. it resonates with the on-the-go indian youth. as a career move, i made it 20 years ago and i am still enjoying what i am doing today.

he explains why the film failed at box office, saying, “no matter what i did i couldnt get a good opening. i think all the other very popular movies released that year were way ahead of mine in terms of quality.”

tusshar is also excited for his upcoming projects, revealing, “i love being part of a team that i will be working with later.” the actor says, “i am also excited to be working with vicky kaushal. i have been a huge fan of his since i saw kanoon”.

what his career goals are. he says, “mujhe kucch kehna hai got me into films. i want to keep doing what i am doing and not become the staid performer, but remain who i am. i would love to make more films that really work for me rather than an audience.”

he shares his definition of a bollywood actor, “i love the on-the-go bollywood which runs against the conventions of good living, and i love bollywood cinema which makes things better and simple. as long as i am having a fun time, i am happy.

the film is an emotional journey, and tusshar feels the film is a good blend of the two worlds. the film is full of heart and real emotions, where the characters are based on our real lives too. it speaks about how simple things are. thats what the film speaks, life revolves around small things. on the other hand, we have the other world, where all these vips come to have fun. its not just the film, its an entire experience. youd see kareena in this character for the entire film, and that ends up being her second film as the lead character. what i would like to see in indian cinema is a new wave of filmmakers with a new outlook. i admire vishesh bhatts attempt, but everyone prefers sensationalism. you dont find many interesting films. dibakar banerjees films are good but they are the exception. so we need a new wave, and we need stories with a lot of humour. if you have a script that doesnt fit in the typical mould, you should have the courage to make it. tusshar says, its all about the script and the script writers. its very difficult to find a producer who will not change the script. as a filmmaker, we shouldnt compromise, we should stick to the script and get it right. i believe that if we have the courage, and stick to our guns, then things can change for the better in the industry. tusshar adds, i am confident that the industry will change for the better. it will become more responsible, more quality-oriented, and the filmmakers will stick to the script, and not get swayed by egos. the producers will not have a greedy approach and try to change a story, which they think will be more lucrative. 5ec8ef588b


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