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Hydrophobicity and haemolytic activity of the alpha-helical antimicrobial peptide cathelicidin hCAP-18 (LL-37) analogues for the inactivation of bacteria and induction of plasmacytoid dendritic cells.
The alpha-helical antimicrobial peptide (AMP) cathelicidin LL-37 was previously shown to exert antibacterial and dendritic cell activating properties in vitro and in vivo. LL-37 is a cleavage product of human CAMP (hCAP-18), formed by an active two-step proteolytic process. For efficient and specific inactivation of bacteria by AMPs, it is crucial to develop synthetic peptide mimics with high antimicrobial activity. Here, we synthesized nine chemically synthesized, LL-37-derived, helical peptide analogue variants (designated as 2D-, 3D-, 4D-, 6D-, 8D-, 10D-, 12D-, 14D- and 16D-) with increased hydrophobicity. The different synthesized peptides included two and three alanine replacements in the N-terminal loop and one cysteine replacement in the loop region. The antibacterial activity was determined with standard dose response analyses and by visual turbidity


This webcam is small and compact. Its USB port allows you to plug in either a video or still camera. It is a very durable and quality camera. The webcam comes with an easy to use driver. It will read the words on your screen and allow you to record them without any special software installed on your computer. I can see someone who is homeschooling using this camera to record your child’s speech or you can use this camera to video chat with your friends if you are homeschooled.


This one is quite old.
MicroBit is a simple, easy to use, low-cost, non-volatile, fully programmable single-board computer designed for kids of any age to use as a computer.
MicroBit includes a built-in speaker and an accelerometer that runs low power, allowing the MicroBit to be operated for hours on a single charge.


How can i calculate with hours and minutes to minutes

I have a column of “time” which is in HH:MM:SS format as an integer.
And i want to get the minutes after the hour and then add it to the minute
thats an example of what i wanted to do:
value = 10:00:12

then the output will be:
minute_out = 60 + 12


For your example value = 10:00:12 then the output will be minute_out = 3.
it seems the below formula is what you need.
=HOUR(B3) * 60 + MINUTE(B3)

Maternal Overweight and Underweight and Fetal Abdominal Circumference; A Cross-Sectional Study in Dutch Women and Their Children.
Maternal overweight and underweight is associated with an increased risk of pregnancy complications as well as adverse birth outcomes. The developmental impact of maternal overweight and underweight on fetal growth is unknown. We explored associations of maternal overweight and underweight with fetal abdominal circumference. Secondary analyses of data from the ongoing MoMaTIC-trial. Women (n = 437) with singleton pregnancies and an ultrasound-fetal weight measurement between 19 and 24 weeks of gestation completed questionnaires and anthropometric measurements. Fetal abdominal circumference was derived from the abdominal circumference. Maternal overweight and underweight were categorized according to the International Obesity Taskforce (IOTF) and the




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