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Furthermore, the add-in is able to discriminate between impossible and viable data types. As a result, the Spotfire interface is able to display the information in a way that allows for quick discerning of data relationships without requiring the user to become intimately familiar with the data types involved. This can be advantageous in cases where the data is generated by a third party and cannot be modified. A product literature example can be seen here.

Feature Description

You can use this add-in to cde4edac5b

You can export your data as a comma-delimited file, using tab-delimited or fixed-width columns, or as
InDesign Library files.

Enter your data into the InData Importer, which uses rules to manipulate and layout the data. You can then export your data to a CSV file format, which can be loaded into most spreadsheet programs.


The InData Importer can work on more data in a batch if you split

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