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AppBrain App Review

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AppBrain App Review is a powerful tool that will help you review any Android application. With AppBrain, you can: – Search in the AppBrain database for a list of applications that are similar to the one that you are looking for. – Review the basic information about the application and read the developer’s description of the app. – Rate the app to support the developer and save the review for future reference.Q:

What is the point of choosing a Chinese Taiji term when you can just call it as Wing Chun?

Some references I’ve seen to ‘Wing Chun’ claim it was coined by the Hon Ip Man. Yet, Wing Chun was not named after Ip Man, but was named after the Song family’s version of the existing Ta Chuan.
See: Wing Chun

In early 20th century, the patriarch of the Song Wing Chun
family and his student, the Hong Kong Choy Sin, moved to San Francisco.
They taught their style to the descendants of their students. It was
dubbed as “Wing Chun” because of the students’ Wing Chun characters
(the characters were made by the student).

You can see that the historian did not point to Ip Man, but to the Song family’s version of Ta Chuan.


As it says in Wikipedia:

The term “Wing Chun” is a contracted form of the term “Wing Chun kung
fu”, meaning “The Hard-Style” or “The
way of the wing”. The term derives from the Chinese martial art
movement called “Baxian gongquan” (Wing Chun kung fu), which grew out
of the Hong Kong arm of the Chinese martial arts style called
Gōkāngshù. This style was first passed down through a series of
students and disciples, and eventually came to be 0cd6e936a3


Emsisoft Decrypter for Nemucod is a small tool that allows you to decrypt files that have been locked by the well-known JScript malware family, Nemucod.
How to spot a Nemucod infection on you computer
It is important to note that the ransomware uses a rather sneaky method of spreading to unsuspecting victims’ computers. To be more precise, the malware is spread via emails that inform that you have been summoned to court on a given date and that you need to prepare several documents for the appeal.
While it may be scary to receive such emails, you should make sure that the message is legit first. Moreover, you should avoid opening attachments that come in unknown formats, as Nemucod employs usually comes with a javascript attachment. Simply put, you should be wary of any emails that feature attachments in JS format and that include the aforementioned message.
Recover the infected files by dragging them onto the tool
It is necessary to underline that you need to have an infected file as well as its unencrypted version to use the tool. While in the first case, you can use any infected file of at least 510 bytes from your computer, in the latter one you might need to search for one among your backups.
Once you acquire them, you can just drag and drop them over the decryption tool and the application automatically starts the brute-force attack of the encryption. You should keep in mind that since this is a brute-force operation, the app tries a plethora of key combinations and hence, the process can take some time.
Simply because you now have the decryption key and decoded the files, that does not mean you are safe. It is highly recommended that you clean your system and make sure that all traces of Nemucod are removed.
A useful tool that can help you decode Nemucod affected files
Without denying that a court appeal is something that should be treated seriously, make sure to verify the source that sends you the inform notice. In the unfortunate event that you got lured and are dealing with a ransomware infection, then clean your PC and use Emsisoft Decrypter for Nemucod to try to decode your files.
Emsisoft Decrypter for Nemucod Description:

How to decrypt encrypted files


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