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Category:Geomatic technologyLipase-catalyzed preparation of acylated fatty acid ethyl esters from oils and fats.
A lipase-catalyzed synthesis of acylated fatty acid ethyl esters was investigated. We found that the enzymatic catalyzed acylation of oils and fats with ethanol proceeds efficiently and non-catalyzed reactions only to a certain extent. The rates of lipolysis and fatty acid ethyl esterification in oils and fats were clearly influenced by the type of oil. The biodiesel yields that were obtained were influenced by the fatty acid composition of the oil and by the reaction parameters. The appropriate acyl donor and oil and fat were found to be important parameters for the reaction. When using an acylating agent free of water, the reaction could be complete in 10h. For fat-containing waste water treatment, we investigated the lipase-catalyzed conversion of oils and fats into fatty acid ethyl esters. We demonstrated that esterification of oils with ethanol is a simple and efficient method to produce biodiesel and that esterification of free fatty acids from soap, as well as the treatment of waste water, are examples for practical applications of the reaction.This might sound like a strange question, but hopefully you can answer it. Did the early church need salvation in the New Testament before the time of Christ’s incarnation? I have heard that the Lord’s Supper was instituted to encourage the early church to remember Christ’s sacrifice for them, or to reassure them that there was no need for Christ’s death. But, how could the early church celebrate the New Testament without having been born again?



I like how Molly is able to ask questions like this and still come to the conclusion that she has to answer herself how she understands the concept of salvation. Since most of the Christians I know don’t see it this way, I must admit that I struggled with answering this question. That’s not because I disagree with Molly’s question. If the church uses water in the sacrament today, should that suggest it wasn’t necessary at first? But, how could

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Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD is the most efficient and popular plug-in software for using as-built point cloud data – captured by laser .Q:

VS2010: Remove unused namespaces from project using no-debug-non-dll-dll

I have a Visual Studio 2010 project using the “.NET 4 Client Profile” and a folder is added to the project for build and debug. It’s building a subset of the project files but removing the code and.pdb files to save space.
How can I remove all of the other namespaces and classes in the project, that are not for the subset of the code that is being included?


In the project properties, select the MSBuild item and look at the “References” tab. There is an option called “Ignore deprecated Referenced Assemblies”.
Note: This option was new as of Visual Studio 2010.
In the case of this being a C# project, you would uncheck all of the value boxes for the referenced assemblies.


How to test if script is loaded in Silverlight?

I want to do some stuff only when my Silverlight page loads. How can I check if the script is loaded?


You should have a look at the Silverlight Page Lifecycle. You can wait until the Loaded event of your root Grid has fired before trying to get your scripts.
The Loaded event is fired when the page has finished loading. Because a Siverlight page can take many seconds to load, a static method named OnLoad that is raised on the root Grid is used to implement the Page Lifecycle (my example is for Silverlight 2 but it is the same in 3).
public class MyPage : UserControl
public void OnLoad()
// Your code goes here

public void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)



You can do whatever you want inside the OnLoad method


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