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People who prefer to edit their videos on touch compatible devices most of the times end up using complex software solutions that might reduce their enjoyment. LoiLoTouch will provide them with a user-friendly solution for editing and sharing their videos, which is meant to offer ease of use and lots of fun when working with the videos.
Appealing interface packed with numerous video editing tools that can be used by everyone
LoiLoTouch features a user-friendly interface that offers its video editing features in an attractive layout that implements the drag-and-drop functionality quite well. Novice and experience users alike might enjoy the floating menus that can be customized and positioned anywhere on the display in order to improve their workflow.
One will be able to easily import the video files, drag them with a lasso tool on a “magnet” area and from there on move them in the stylish timeline editor window. The application supports multiple instances of editing or “magnet” windows and even provides a trash can, where users can drag both video content or the windows themselves.
Edit your videos on a touch compatible device with this easy-to-use utility that offers direct content sharing
The application will provide a good collection of predefined video effects that can be added as a modular array in the video timeline editor. Users can insert custom frames or text and LoiLoTouch will allow them to perform all the adjustments selectively, with a useful pen tool.
There are numerous output options and users will be able to export their videos by selecting a target device: DVD, iPod, iPhone, PS3, etc. and the application will automatically assign the required format. Furthermore, all the videos can be shared directly from the application’s interface, on most common social networks and video portals, such as Facebook / Twitter or Yotube / Vimeo respectively.
Good software solution for a fun and enjoyable video editing on touch compatible devices
This application will help users who require a compact and lightweight solution for editing their videos. It will provide them with multiple predefined video and art effects and it will implement the drag-and-drop functionality quite well, making it ideal for touch compatible devices. Editing videos with it is fun and rewarding and this recommends it even to inexperienced users.

Download >>>>> https://tinurll.com/2m5fkk

Download >>>>> https://tinurll.com/2m5fkk

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Video Editing and Sharing on Touch Device Apps

LoiLoTouch Video Editing and Sharing on Touch Devices is one of the free iPhone apps of Video Editing and Sharing category, we choose to place this application to this page because of the big amount of downloads that this application has obtained and the fact that it has been improved. You can always download this application from the link directly below. This is a free iPhone app, but if you want a paid version that allows you to remove the ads and to do more actions you can buy the full version of this app on itunes. I highly recommend this application.
The application has been rated with 5 stars by 2 users. So far the users that have rated this application are very satisfied.
Some features of this application are :

Amazing video effects and editing features that are available on almost every device

It is a 100% free application that offers a wide selection of video and art effects

You can select a lot of music from the iTunes Library

You can share your videos on almost every social network or website

Support both 1080 and 720 format

You can even export your videos to the video format of your device

It is a very easy application to use

You can use any video editing software and the app works with the interface of your device

LoiLoTouch Review


LoiLoTouch is a free application that is capable of delivering high-end functionality to the users in a simple and efficient manner. The developers have developed this application using the drag and drop functionality and it is easy to use. The interface has been designed to offer plenty of options in order to make the users’ experience even more enjoyable.

You can select the video you want to edit and then you can start to use the additional features of the application. It has a flexible interface and a user-friendly drag and drop capability. It can be used by both people that are familiar with the video editing software and by those who are not. The app works with the media files that are provided by the users themselves and it can be used on almost every device that is compatible with the touch functionality.

The only drawback of this application is that there is no option to choose the output format, so users will have to rely on the format that they are providing the videos in. It is capable of working on the interface of your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or the Mac.

The Interface

The interface is very user

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LoiLoTouch 7.6.1 Crack + Full Product Key

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★ E-mail/Social: Easily share the videos with others by e-mail or social network.
★ Region and language: Support multi-region and multi-language

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What’s New in the LoiLoTouch?

CloneSafari is the new iPhone browser for browsing websites and sharing links. CloneSafari provides users with a quick and convenient experience. CloneSafari lets you stay on the iPhone and offers a quick and powerful way to visit your favorite sites.
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CloneSafari is the new iPhone browser for browsing websites and sharing links. CloneSafari provides users with a quick and convenient experience. CloneSafari lets you stay on the iPhone and offers a quick and powerful way to visit your favorite sites.
Key features:
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System Requirements:

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