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How To Free WiFi HotSpot – If you have a free WiFi at home then there are many things that you can do, and you can use it as a backup, in case your current connection breaks.
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Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can actually encrypt your traffic, which is better than nothing. Take note though, using a VPN service is illegal, as it can make you anonymous from the relevant authorities. Because of this, using a VPN service requires you to use a server that is known to the authorities. To help you find a known server, we recommend using a VPN service that is recommended by the EFF.
You can use high-speed internet data services (4G, LTE, 3G) by purchasing a mobile data card with a SIM from your mobile carrier. These cards have no monthly fees or costly contracts – you can top up the data as you need it.

As you know, you can use the internet to make free calls from your laptop or from your phone. The device is called a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone. If you have Internet access, your VoIP phone can make free VoIP calls. The VoIP phone can connect to your home broadband (cable or fiber optic), your cell phone or your landline.

So, why would you want to use a VPN server when you can just pay for data when you need it? A VPN server encrypts your traffic for you, meaning that you can surf the web secure and worry free. You can use a VPN server to make sure that your activity is secure. A VPN server can help you to go online with more privacy and anonymity by encrypting all the traffic passing

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I also enabled the history searching mode in the Windows 10 “search history” options under Settings => Ease of access => All settings => Search history options. But still the history records go away when I open a folder


Go to Settings -> Ease of access -> Search history options.
You will be able to set which folders you will search in history.
I set it to search only in my Documents folder.

Also, under Settings -> Ease of access, I turned on “Fast Search” option (this will stop the search boxes from showing the name of the folder)


How can i get the glabel value in script?

In the script I have all the labels in for loop. I have created the loop and want to write the value of label i to a variable. I tried using setPropertyValue(myName) and getPropertyValue(myName) but it didn’t work.


In ActionScript 3.0, you can create an object variable to reference all of the components in the for loop, and then write to it using its public property.
public var myProp:Object;
public function create() {
myProp = {};
for (var i:int = 0; i 1. Field of the Invention
The present invention generally relates to an organic light emitting display

How can I debug this?


AkiD3 changed the names of his files into the with the adobe placeholder names, so my clever little password regex does not work to change file name. Here’s what I did to get the file names.
mike@mikas_pc:/opt/wacom/plustek/Wacom$ sudo find / -type f -name ‘*file.header*’ -print2 | grep ‘’ | head -20


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