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Labels: needforspeedcarbontrainerv12freedownloadThe number of women on the Federal Reserve Board has declined for a third straight year.

Of the 12 members on the board, only three are women, the lowest number since 1989. The drop was announced on Wednesday, the first meeting of the year for Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and President Donald Trump.

All three women on the board are holdovers from President Barack Obama’s first term. The first woman to serve on the board was Jane Swift, who resigned in 2012. Of the remaining two, the most recent was Esther George, a veteran banker from Pittsburgh who was appointed in 2004 and stepped down this year. Her replacement, Loretta Mester, took office on Jan. 12.

Trump, who has been critical of Yellen’s interest rate policy, praised George as a “strong” person who “knows the economy inside and out.”

The number of women serving on the board has declined at least since 1989, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Associated Press)

In her opening statement, Yellen said the economy has strengthened in 2017 and 2018, which means the Fed would need to raise rates more slowly than it might have otherwise. As a result, it could become more difficult to eliminate further stimulus from the Fed’s balance sheet.

While Trump said it was “great” to have more women on the board, he also said the Fed is “too tight,” and there needs to be more accountability.

Yellen said that interest rates are near their effective lower bound. That’s when the Fed, which sets the federal funds rate, can’t go lower. But rates are near their effective upper bound, which means it can’t go any higher.

“While there are a number of ways to measure near-term interest rates, all of them suggest that there’s little or no room for further policy rate increases in the near term,” Yellen said.

Related: Why central banks are becoming more aggressive

Fed officials are now projecting two more rate increases in 2018 and three in 2019, compared to three in each of the last two years.

Yellen said the Fed would continue to look for additional reasons to raise rates.

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