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To evaluate the role of intraoperative vascular ultrasound (IOUS) in localizing the occluded arterial segment in impotent men with arteriogenic erectile dysfunction. Twenty-four patients with arteriogenic erectile dysfunction and an internal pudendal artery spasm were enrolled in the present study. Following the placement of a Doppler probe on the cavernosal arteries, a percutaneous injection of dilute papaverine (40 mg) was given to induce corporal smooth muscle relaxation and a standard arterial blood pressure measurement was performed. The color Doppler flow imaging of the penile arteries was performed to delineate the sites of arterial occlusion. The tip of the catheter was reinserted to the proximal parts of occluded arteries by moving the catheter slowly in a retrograde manner. Following termination of penile blockage with a greater than 50% increase in blood pressure, the penis was elevated for palpation, and the Doppler flow signals from the cavernosal arteries were recorded and compared with the preoperative recordings of the penile arteries. After a systematic search for the anterior and posterior parts of the occluded arterial segments, the intraoperative ultrasound technique was used to localize the occluded arteries. The intraoperative ultrasound was successfully performed in all the cases and revealed retrograde arterial flow in the cavernosal arteries. Subsequently, the arteriogenic lesions were confirmed by penile blood pressure measurements after injection of papaverine. The IOUS technique improves localization of the occluded cavernosal arteries in patients with an arteriogenic impotence.Q:

angularfire2: Registration to Firebase through email

I’m working on an Angular 4 app that stores its users’ data in Firebase. The client wanted me to add email verification so that users would be asked to enter their email. Is there a way for me to achieve this? This is what I have so far:
constructor(public afAuth: AngularFireAuth,
public af: AngularFirestore) {

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I was going to post the patch link, but you have already done that.Glycosylation is one of the most common post-translational modifications of peptides and proteins and regulates protein-ligand interactions and protein-protein interactions, including cell-cell interactions, to allow binding to specific receptors and regulate cell proliferation, differentiation, motility and adhesion. [Ullman et al., J. Biol. Chem., 278, 13648 (2003); Varki, Glycobiology, 15, 913 (2005).]
Enzymes that glycosylate proteins are classified into two major glycosyltransferase families, the GT-A and the GT-B families. The GT-A glycosyltransferases add a single glycosyl residue to an acceptor substrate to produce a glycoside donor. In contrast, the GT-B glycosyltransferases transfer a sugar-phosphate group to a glycosyl acceptor, yielding a glycosyl-enzyme intermediate. The glycosyl-enzyme intermediate is then released from the protein by a β-elimination reaction to leave an anomeric aglycone. The two major types of glycosyltransferases belong to the GT-A and the GT-B families, respectively. The GT-A family members have a modular structure with an active site that contains a conserved Asn-His-Ser (or Thr) catalytic triad, two strictly conserved histidine residues near the active site that are critical for catalysis, and a conserved α/β

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