Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Mp3


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Mp3

bikaam bikaam bikaam bhaloob, is one of nusrat’s most loved titles and on top of that it is one of his most played songs ever. this song was always a highlight of every nusrat live show. bikaam bikaam bhaloob have made such a mammoth impression on every listener that it can never be left to cool down and creates a special emotional attached with it. nusrat’s experience on this title is nothing less than blissful.

nusrat fateh ali khan and his prasad master are gearing up for their next musical venture, ‘one world one life’ – a musical journey which will incorporate prayer, meditation and the ancient roots of spirituality.

as alif allah dunyo, a sufi poet, has penned this ghazal as a submission to hazrat naseer ud din qadri (translated as hazrat naseer the master) a sufi of the punjab, consisting of poetry of mawaiyaz khan, a sufi poet of the 13th century.

the greatest spiritual feeling in this world comes when a soul comes in contact with the soul of hazrat naseer ud din qadri, the ancient sufi master. this ghazal is dedicated to the visit and meeting of naseer ud din qadri.

nusrat fateh ali khan & his prasad master are heading towards their next adventure, one world one life – a musical journey which will incorporate prayer, meditation and the ancient roots of spirituality. a challenging journey which will bring nfak into the spiritual domain.

the song is the first single and the lead song from ‘nusrat fateh ali khan live to eternity’ and the album is helmed by canadian singer, songwriter and recording artist of pakistani descent, rahat fateh ali khan who performs his best in the vocals of nusrat. shraddha pandit and sona mohapatra are the background singers.

it’s made even more powerful by the fact that this isn’t the end. the recorded ends with the chant of allah-ho, allah-ho, allah-ho, allah-ho sung by the audience until the room is so tight you can’t imagine it remaining silent. the second song is amritsar ke ghoongtey ki jivan. i like to imagine that was meant to be the encore, maybe that’s why it’s called amritsar ke ghoongtey ki jivan. we end up with a song that makes us feel that we are all human beings. that is the message in the nusrat fateh ali khan. but how could any hindu music society in 2015 be so careless as to let the audience into this space where what they were hearing was about life, the world, allah, and not allah? it’s like the ncc has ruined history. not that that’s unique to the ncc. all is fair in love and war. it’s been nearly forty years since khan sang all of this. after the event and since then, i’ve played it over and over again. of course, the song has always made me think about the real and fantastical realms of the divine. but i’ve always come back to the idea that what nusrat fateh ali khan is doing is to make us believe that we are all human beings and we are all related to one another, and all of this is around us, is in us, and we are inside it. that we are all essential to each other. i love the line, you are my sister, my brother. and it is a woman’s voice that softly sings that line. this is the khan. the usher came in the room afterwards, but i refused to see him. he put his arms around my neck and pulled my head to his mouth and kissed me right on my earlobe. he put a glass of water in my hand. sorry, i am not allowed to let anyone touch my ear without my consent. he said. in the past, i must have let my guards down, but now, i work too hard to be unreasonable with my employees. a guard shook his head. you have always been like this. 5ec8ef588b

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