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You can easily get information about your system in Windows. There is even a dedicated app for that. However, for network administrators and even regular users, it is much more convenient to have relevant system parameters at a glance. That is why many prefer using an application that displays such details on the desktop at a glance. O&O DeskInfo is one of the tools you can use.
Key system information on the desktop 
There is no need to install O&O DeskInfo, which is clearly an advantage. The application is ready to go as soon as you double-click on the executable file. Once started, you should notice a new icon in the system tray, where you can access all its options.
A transparent window is then displayed on your desktop, revealing relevant information about your system’s configuration, both hardware and software. By default, you get to see the names of the machine and the logged in user, the operating system edition, version and build number, alongside a few hardware-related details, such as the processor manufacturer and model, the total RAM memory, the system architecture (32 or 64 bit).
You can configure O&O DeskInfo to show more info on the desktop, so that you will be able to see the details about the graphics card and a few details regarding the network configuration, namely the network adapter and the connection type, the local and the external IP addresses, the MAC address and the subnet mask, default gateways and DHCP servers. All this surely comes in handy to a network administrator.
Monitor CPU, RAM and storage usage in real time 
Right below all the static information, O&O DeskInfo also displays information regarding the resource usage, in real time. For instance, you can see the CPU usage, check out the network speed for sent and received packets, monitor the free storage space on all local drives and keep an eye on the RAM memory usage.
Seamless integration with any desktop environment 
O&O DeskInfo is one of those simple applications that are good to have around. It displays system information in an unobtrusive manner, in a transparent window that does not interfere with your work. Moreover, since it bounds no interface but solely a floating window, O&O DeskInfo seamlessly integrates with any desktop environment, regardless of the wallpaper.









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What’s New in the?

O&O DeskInfo is a desktop application that will allow you to know all you need to know about your system in a few seconds. On the system tray, you will see a window with all the system’s main features: the system name, the logged-in user, the operating system version, the build number and the architecture (32 or 64 bits). Below, you will be able to see the hardware information (hard drive and memory, as well as the processor, graphics card and network adapter). There is also a handy section that provides information on the free storage on all local drives, as well as the RAM usage.
While O&O DeskInfo does not provide you with advanced details, all you need to know can be easily accessed. You can also get a more complete overview of the system with a few clicks—just click on the menus to get to the submenu with the features you need. That said, all options are explained in the application’s help.
This application works with all Microsoft Windows releases. It’s also a standalone application, so you can run it as a stand-alone application if you want.
What’s New
In this version:
– Improvements and bug fixes.
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The original Netflix NAS boxes launched back in 2012 and had been pretty reliable and reasonably priced. Then in 2015 Netflix acquired QNAP Systems, maker of a variety of NAS hardware. And in August of 2017 Netflix released a new line of enterprise-level NAS products, replacing the original QNAP-branded gear.

The new gear is known as the ZED (short for Zero-ESP Device) series, which is made up of the NAS4/8/16, ZED Pro, ZED Mini, and ZED Light. With the exception of the ZED Light, all of these devices feature QNAP’s QFX 3.0 software.

I have one of the newer 4-bay ZED Pro models, and to me it’s been one of the best-built NAS devices I’ve used. It’s quiet, runs cool, and has a reputation for being rock-solid.

However, it also has one of the highest prices around. The original QNAP NAS boxes sold for around $200-$300, while the ZED Pro series runs for $400-$500.

Plus, the original boxes had a few downs

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An internet connection
An updated version of the game
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