Official Lenovo ZUK Z1 Stock Rom ~REPACK~

Official Lenovo ZUK Z1 Stock Rom ~REPACK~


Official Lenovo ZUK Z1 Stock Rom

To install this stock ROM in Lenovo ZUK Z1, flash the image files with your favourite software, then reboot the phone in recovery mode and select “install zip from sdcard” and select the zip file you just installed. It is as simple as that.

The ZUK Z1 has proved to be a popular device in India and is much loved. As they say, the honey badger (stock rom) has no issues, and being the popular device it is, you will find most of the bugs fixed and the device performing well.

The Lenovo ZUK Z1 comes with a monstrous 4100 mAh non-removable battery, which yields more than anaverage battery life. According to ZUKs official figures itwill give you a4G talk time of 38 hours, let you play locally stored music for about 85 hours and let you watch locally stored videos for about 15 hours! I have no reason to doubt these figures. My own tests show that you can watch YouTube, over Wi-Fi, for a least 15 hours on one charge, or play intensive 3D games for around 6 hours. During my testing I charged the phone just once, did all my tests, got 6 hours of screen-on time over roughly 40 hours, and I still had 35% battery left!

Once you have the android 5.1.1 stock rom for Lenovo ZUK Z1, make sure you insert the sim card in your new lenovo device, if you dont insert sim, you will not be able to use the lenovo device. After that install the app named dial for lenovo zuk z1 in your device. There you can assign some number on it that can be used on another sim by the user.

This is the most sophisticated method. Which means you need high-end and powerful device to install it. Also, we can easily say that you need a specialty device for rooting Lenovo Zuk Z1. However, in this method we are not offering you to brick your mobile. If you brick your mobile using our guide then we will refund you as soon as possible. So, if you are ready to brick your mobile than go for it, but you will lose all your data, and we will not be held responsible for any bricking issues.

Important: Lineage OS ROM for Lenovo ZUK Z1 is an unofficial ROM. And, the ROM is not supported by the ZUK Z1 manufacturer Lenovo and its community. So, it can break your phone while installing the ROM and the phone warranty is void. In any case, if you face any issues while installing Lineage OS ROM, then you can always try installing Stock ROM, but do it on your own risk. If the ZUK Z1 will not boot into Nougat, then it may also not boot into any ROM that is out there. Also, we have listed the link of the Official ROMs for other device. So, if you find one for your device then install it on your own risk. In the root of the zip you will find a folder named “BPin” this is your zip file with stock firmware. Please be sure to back up any existing files in the “BPin” folder prior to flashing or installing the firmware. Of course we recommend you to backup your files on PC and we are not responsible if you lose your files while installing and flashing the firmware. Now install the driver on your Lenovo ZUK Z1 and please follow the manual to flash the Firmware. When installing Firmware on Lenovo ZUK Z1, please do not forget to select the USB driver when installation. Now turn on your Lenovo ZUK Z1 with the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. You should see the screen where you can press F1 to flash the firmware. Please be sure to press F1! Do not power off your Lenovo ZUK Z1 device at this point! If you are still on the screen where you can press F1, continue pressing F1 until you see the option list mentioned above. If you want to know what does pressing F1, F2, F3, F4 or F9 do, please check the manual on the screen. Once you finished flashing or installing the firmware, press the power button on your Lenovo ZUK Z1 to turn it off. 5ec8ef588b

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