Quantum Mechanics By Aruldhas Pdf 12

Quantum Mechanics By Aruldhas Pdf 12


Quantum Mechanics By Aruldhas Pdf 12

some of the methods of solution include the simple harmonic oscillator, the vibrating string, the harmonic oscillator, the double-well potential, the singular delta function potential, the square well potential, the modified coulomb potential, the morse potential, the polynomial potentials, the rectangular potential well and the stable keplerian potential. the book also discusses the use of the energy eigenvalue problem in quantum mechanics.

professor born, a member of the so-called “germans”, laid the foundations of quantum mechanics. the wave functions of electrons and photons as well as the phenomena of diffraction and interference, and the properties of the emission and absorption of radiation, all showed the need for a new theory of matter. this “new” theory of matter was expected to explain the wave-particle duality of matter. in 1926, werner heisenberg, a close collaborator of born, formulated the basic principles of quantum mechanics and laid the foundations for the theory. born and heisenberg were awarded the nobel prize in physics in 1933 for their work. heisenberg also received the nobel prize for his work on atomic structure in 1944.

we can consider the state of an electron in an atom as an electronic wave function that is spread out over the entire atom. in quantum theory, it is not necessary to consider the electron as having a well-defined position. rather, the wave function represents the probability amplitude for the electron to have a particular position.

the features of quantum mechanics include:

  • the uncertainty principle—it says that you cannot precisely know both the position and the momentum of an object simultaneously. it says that neither position nor momentum can be known with perfect accuracy.
  • superposition—it says that a particle can be in more than one place at a time.
  • quantization—it states that certain physical quantities of a particle must be given in the form of a whole number.
  • probability—it states that there is always a chance that a particle might interact with another particle.

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