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Looking beyond high school, the digital world has given rise to a whole new landscape of ethical decisions for the average adult.

Now, with an evolving landscape of global information exchange, the choices we make online go beyond the realm of privacy and end up covering a variety of ethical topics. Do the benefits of an information revolution outweigh the potential pitfalls?
Is more choice a benefit or a problem? Does the line between personal and professional online identity blur? What about the social implications of sharing information online? How do we deal with the digital divide, and how should technology be used in a wide variety of contexts? The future of online content is only just beginning to be written, but the answers are becoming clearer.
This course will offer a comprehensive look at the complex issues involved in the broad topic of internet use. You will explore the history of internet use, as well as online privacy, internet etiquette, and ethical internet use. You will study how these topics have changed with the growth of technology, and as new features are developed.
Taught By: John A. Armour, Ph.D.
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the issues related to the ethical use of the internet. You will be able to discuss these issues from both a theoretical and practical perspective.
Course Outline:
1. History of the Internet
2. The Ethics of the Internet: A Closer Look
3. Online Privacy
4. Ethics Beyond High School – Academic Ethics and Internet Use
5. Ethics and the Internet
6. Ethical and Internet Use
7. Ethical and Internet Use

TechEd London 2012 – Information, Guidance & Tutorials:
This is a walk through of a number of key areas of the TechEd London 2012, with videos and guidance to help you along.
The links below are to downloadable pages. You will see a page that you are expected to download to your computer as a zip file. If you click on the zip file link you will be prompted to either save the zip file to your desktop or open the zip file, whatever is easiest for you.
When you have extracted all the files you need you can put them anywhere on your computer.
The following pages have links to downloadable tutorials or walk through videos and these can also be found in the handouts section. There are also downloadables such as cheat sheets and templates. Please remember to check the following handout pages when looking for further information on these pages. 70238732e0

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