Rise Of The Witch King Patch 2.01 No-cd Crack Download PORTABLE

Rise Of The Witch King Patch 2.01 No-cd Crack Download PORTABLE

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Rise Of The Witch King Patch 2.01 No-cd Crack Download

obviously, with a patch of this size, we can’t discuss every aspect of gameplay that has been changed. fortunately, most of them have either been minor adjustments, or have been changed for the better. that’s what we will talk about in the rest of this article.

the biggest change to the game from 2.01 to 2.02 is the enormous amount of balancing and the huge increase in player options. traditionally, a battlefield game will have one “inherently most powerful” class that gets played by all of the players, and by the end of the game all the other classes will get used on occasion by the player. with 2.02, we’re attempting something much different. in particular, we’re aiming for an even distribution of power, so that every class is viable for any map, and all of the classes are used regularly by different players on different maps.

as a result, we have hundreds of new items in 2.02. there’s an almost unprecedented number of upgrades. the number of pets has increased, so that you now have 10 extra units that can accompany you during combat, and an impressive number of new items for them to use, including a new ludicrous ability. the number of heroes has also increased, so there are 8 new heroes who are better than their previous counterparts, and two more who are incredibly powerful. the number of maps has also increased, to a point where you’ve been given access to half the maps available in 2.01, and have up to 60 more to use.

all of these new options and items add a wealth of possibilities to the game. there are some people who don’t like any changes to their favorite characters, however, and will therefore not play 2.02 because they find the changes to their favorite heroes upsetting. this is understandable, but this is precisely what makes the game more enjoyable. it’s not our job to cater to everyone’s preferences, but it is our job to cater to the greater number of people who are happy with the gameplay and aren’t interested in anything else.

the game was released in 2004 on pc, xbox, ps2, and psp. the last xbox/ps2/psp patch was released in january 2015, so for the xbox/ps2/psp gamers, it may be difficult to find a patch. i’ve found a few useful resources online, but we’ll make sure to keep them updated here as we run across them. thankfully, there is another unofficial patch, bfme2 1.09. this patch is a bit older than the 1.09 patch (released in 2011) and works mostly the same. there are a few things that the 1.09 patch did that the 1.09 and 2.02 patches don’t work, and some things that haven’t been fixed. the biggest problem with 2.01 is the massive number of unplayable units, structures, heroes, abilities, and powers. if you play closely and use the unit list to pick only the units you need to play, you can get it down to something pretty reasonable, but for casual players, it can become very overwhelming. fortunately, the 1.09 patch works wonderfully with it, and the only things that it’s missing are a few great heroes (such as maglor, furlghur, and galadriel), a few great abilities (such as the two-shoot heroic strike of rast, the invisible eärendil’s ride, and fingolfin’s amazing more than triple damage boost on heroes ), and a few improved abilities (at least in 1.09). the heroes, abilities, and powers that are missing from the 1.09 patch are not large problems, and can be easily fixed. a few units are now too expensive to make use of (although this was true in 1.09 too), but they aren’t the problem units. bfme2 is starting to grow on me, and the 1.09 patch does a great job of resolving the confusing number of units. 5ec8ef588b


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