Sanathana Dharmam In Tamil Pdf D Extra Quality

Sanathana Dharmam In Tamil Pdf D Extra Quality



Sanathana Dharmam In Tamil Pdf D

the tamil state of andhra pradesh is home to the highest number of refugees and displaced people in india. the north eastern state of manipur has the highest number of refugees and displaced people in india. they have been there for decades due to the armed conflict and political turmoil. their families have been divided and their homes destroyed. one of the oldest refugee camps in india was also created in manipur in 1950 by a sindhi prince who was displaced from sindh due to the partition of the country. the state of manipur is now the hub of all refugees and displaced people of manipur. there are more than 25,000 sindhi refugees in the state. with the help of the unhcr and other agencies, a community has been set up to help all refugees in the state. almost 40,000 refugees are living in this state and the total figure is expected to cross 70,000 by the end of 2017. over 1 lakh refugees and displaced people live in many camps across the state. the state has been able to provide most of the basic amenities to the people living in the camps and the community has come together to help these refugees.

in recent years, the tamil nadu state government in collaboration with the government of japan has started a scheme called tamil nadu skill development program (tn-sdp) which is administered by the centre of planning and management (cpm). tn-sdp is a unique skill development program which is the first of its kind in india. the program is being introduced as a pilot in four districts, and is expected to scale up to all the districts in the state in the next few years. the objective of tn-sdp is to provide direct job opportunities for the marginalized sections of society, especially youth, and the women, through skill development. the program targets the sectors such as textiles, handicrafts, and handloom (sarees, etc.), which are considered to be high priority in employment generation in the state. it is also implemented to equip the youth and women to meet the demands of changing labour markets.

all over the world people are experiencing an unprecedented wave of immigration as a result of conflict, war, persecution, natural disaster and poverty. these refugees and displaced people are settling in different parts of the world and demanding rights like all the other immigrants. many developed countries are facing a host of problems, and they are struggling to deal with the refugee crisis. in india the number of refugees is growing as a result of political instability and conflict in countries like iraq, afghanistan, myanmar, syria, and sudan. more than 42 million people have been displaced due to violence and conflict in various parts of the world and more than 16 million of them are found in india. the government of india has made more than 20,000 camps to house all the refugees. some of them are in tamil nadu. the hindu state is one where the religion is practiced by all the people. in tamil nadu, the most important hindu custom is called sivaratri. sivaratri is celebrated in a grand manner during the month of chithirai. the atmosphere in tamil nadu is very different when compared to the other states. one can clearly see that the hindus in tamil nadu have much more pride in their hindu religion than the other states. it is a little known fact that a majority of the hindu population in tamil nadu are followers of the alwars, a group of hindu saints who lived between the 13th and 16th centuries. there is a strong correlation between this group and the bjp. in fact, it is not true that the congress party alone is the representative of all the hindus, since the bjp and the dmk have also been representing the hindu community in tamil nadu. that is why, the bjp is also very popular among the hindus in tamil nadu. 5ec8ef588b

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