Sazer X Episode 1 In Hindi Download _BEST_

Sazer X Episode 1 In Hindi Download _BEST_


Sazer X Episode 1 In Hindi Download

The five original Kyousei Showa (Shin’etsu Showa) 13-episodes followed in the same year and aired under the title Kyousei Showa: Sazer X in 2004 in Japan. Some viewers and critics consider that this version of the story was even better than the original Tokusatsu. This is probably also the best version of the entire franchise up to date. Toho basically kept what worked from the original story in the POGO series. The new name Kyousei Showa is a reference to the term Showa or Showa Era (Japanese Year: Showa Genroku: 1889–1890) which refers to the Japanese Edo period from 1603 to 1868.

This form of POGO was unique and is much different than the normal fare presented by the other broadcasters. It could be considered as the first time that long-running franchises were adapted into a new format for a younger target audience. Sazer X was also known as the “Teenage ’80s Show”. It is a 3-hour block and was broadcast on Dish TV and Tata Sky.

The show is completely homemade and the first two episodes can be found on and other sources such as and

Sazer X was created as a spin-off from the worldwide successful Super Sentai franchise. It however failed to attract enough viewers and hence it was quickly cancelled and replaced by the just-starting Ultra Power Rangers.

Alas, Sazer-X was never dubbed or subtitled in other languages. One episode which aired in 2004 may have been dubbed in Arabic and this is the one of the few that may have been dubbed in local languages which is of any real value.

Episode 1 features the introduction of the main villains, a trio of aliens called Urawatatane (the meaning of the title is unclear) and their leader Matatil (the meaning of the name is also unclear). They are guided by a space probe which crash lands on a barren planet. Even when they leave the probe on the planet, they barely seem to notice it! This marks the series apart from almost all other Japanese Star Wars related shows as this one does not take place in some distant, mysterious future. Their ship is actually a crashed prototype from an intergalactic war. The three aliens invade Earth just before the attack of the Galactic Empire. They claim they will move Earth into a new age of peace and prosperity. There are no notable differences between Sazer-X and the new GranSazer episode. The directors of both shows were the same, Kazuki Yamamoto (the director of Ultraman and the first episode of Ultra Seven), Yuma Imamura (the director of Hinomaru and Ultraman Prime) and Shuji Arai (the director of Android: The Motion Picture and Jiger). The only director who had Sazer-X in the past was Kinji Fukasaku (the director of Battle Royale and Tokyo Electronica). The main difference between Sazer-X and GranSazer is the power level of the other superheroes. In the original series, the strongest character was Tetsuya who had the ability to transform into a huge purple worm-like beast. He shared the character with a girl named Shino. In GranSazer, the strongest character is Ziron who possesses the ability to transform into a giant robot. Sadly, he can only transform into a yellow machine-like form which is no match for Matatil and the other Urawatatane. They are also a bit more flexible and they can fly. 5ec8ef588b


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