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Having to work with a lot of windows on your desktop is a pain, especially when there’s no second monitor to turn no. Accidental clicking can easily mess up work, but window management can be tackled with the right set of applications. For instance, SendToBack helps you adjust the layer level of an active window at the press of a button.
Lightweight and easy to use
Since it skips you the whole effort of going through a setup process, the application is good to go from the moment you finish downloading it. As such, it can easily be carried around on a thumb drive to use on other computers besides your own, without having to worry that the health status of the target PC gets affected, because registry entries remain intact during the process.
The application minimizes to the tray area right after it’s launched, without notifying you of this action. It’s a good idea to bring up the configuration panel though, so you can at least get a look at the controls used to handle window position on the desktop.
Configure mouse and keyboard controls
You’re free to use any type of window in the process, but it’s best to work with those which are not in fullscreen mode. Although there’s no a great variety in the set of default options, the ones at your disposal provide enough variety to efficiently manage windows with little effort.
By default, all hotkey commands are disabled by default so you don’t accidentally trigger any functions. These allow you to bring to front, send to back, or force to stay on top of everything else. You’re free to change default key values. Apart from keyboard interaction, either the right or middle mouse buttons can be set to send the selected window to the back layer.
On an ending note
In conclusion, window management is a tough operation, not in the sense that you need to frequently deal with it, but it takes time to efficiently organize your workspace. SendToBack comes as a powerful enhancement even though it’s only fitted with a few controls.

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Windows has a built-in command called SendToBack Activation Code that allows you to quickly move an active window to the back. This is not the same as minimizing it, because SendToBack will always put the window back to its original position.Play Dirty 3

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WPM (Window Position Manager) & SendToBack
(The ability to use the keyboard to instantly move a window from the
current position to the back position of the active window group.
WPM can be activated/deactivated from the right-click menu. You can
also use the keyboard to instantly move the active window group to the
back of the desktop.)
Special thanks:
[Molo] for the original project,

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Mouse Movement:
Mouse Sensitivity:
Window Selection:
Mouse Blinking:
Mouse Sensitivity:
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Window Selection:
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Window Selection:
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Keyboard Control:
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Easy to use and doesn’t get in your way. Thanks for sharing!

Its use is optional depending on the window manager that you have installed.

I use fluxbox and it works as it should, if i open an application, it comes to the front, if i want it to stay in the background, the focus shifts from the window manager to the application. This is the intended behavior. If i drag it to the foreground it stays there, but thats another problem.

It’s nice that you can force it to show in the tray. The initial setting allows you to set it up so that it will show when in focus and the back button from the menu.

It’s what i use for all windows in fluxbox and flux goes away from background apps when an application is opened. It’s a small thing, but i like to see it.

Perhaps this should be the default setting for fluxbox and many other window managers.

Wow, great program. I love to go for the box, but it doesn’t work on my ubuntu, so for now i’ll have to make do with Send to back. But this is by far the most convenient app ever. It allows me to organize my windows and it helps me save time, I am so thankful for this developer. I’ll be back for more when I have the time and the money! (I have both)

You’re free to download and use SendToBack. Our only request is that you respect it’s creator, drop him an email if you want to do more with this or

What’s New In?

SendToBack is a simple, lightweight and easy to use desktop utility for window management. It allows you to arrange windows on your desktop in layers so that you can easily control which window stays on top and which ones remain on the back. To the moment of writing this review, it supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Adobe AIR.

Newest Version:


Requires Windows:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


60.1 MB


Oxide Software



Click for fullscreen.
If you want to use SendToBack, you’ll first need to set up hotkeys so you can easily control each window’s position on the screen. This is done by opening the application and clicking on Configure Mouse & Keyboard Controls. You’ll then see a list of all the current hotkeys. The default hotkey for each hotkey entry is denoted by a triangle. Click on that triangle to open the current hotkey menu.
In the box on the left side of the menu, you’ll see an arrow with a magnifying glass icon. Clicking on that arrow will bring up a configuration menu with three more options. The first option allows you to select either the left or right mouse button for the selected entry. The next allows you to select the exact position on the desktop where the window will be placed. Finally, the last option gives you the ability to assign a shortcut key to send that window to the back layer.
SendToBack allows you to adjust the depth of each window, whether it’s moved to the front or the back of your screen. These settings will stay in place unless you perform a reset. Once this is done, you’ll have to set your new configuration settings from scratch. This is done by clicking on the first option in the configuration box. You’ll now be able to assign a hotkey to send any selected window to the back layer. The window management function is best suited for those who do not have a second monitor at their disposal.
SendToBack is a free utility and allows you to configure hotkeys for almost any application. It’s hard to say which of the many different functions you’ll use the most as there are certainly a lot to experiment with. However, a handful of options are very useful for everyday window management, such as the ability to quickly send any active window to the back layer.
It’s best to use SendToBack with those windows that aren’t in fullscreen mode, but it&

System Requirements:

Windows 7 – 64 Bit
Windows XP – 64 Bit
Mac OSX 10.6 or higher (Includes Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)
At least 8GB of RAM
Additional Notes:
Multiplayer support for up to 16 players
Surround Sound support
Fully customizable screen shots and in game features
Supports both Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault
Support for all pre-order bonus weapons and extra suits in Rat

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