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Shayne Ward-Breathless Full Album Zip

In the breaks between the songs on this CD, the audience is treated to snippets of the songs that Shayne plays for them between sets. These are not usually very good, and I dont really understand the point of these anyway. But on the bright side, they gave us the music video to the great song Big Topple, which is Shaynes response to the worlds obsession with Steven Spielberg and The Godfather. The video is actually very funny, with Shayne singing in a make-shift telephone booth, which is about the only time the movie shows any knowledge or respect for the craft of music. I cant help but wonder if the DVD is only being made available with the CD to get people used to buying the CD. The DVD will only be released a month after the CD, and there is no mention of any other music videos on the disc.

Ive gotta say I’m quite a fan of Shaynes music. Im not a big fan of the changes he has made to his sound to date. I love his music, his songs, his voice, I just dont think his music has evolved in the same way as his personality. There is something wrong with that, but there is also something wrong with his attitude at the same time, and thats something that seems to mystify me a bit. Ive actually heard that he has matured and that hes changed a lot since his first two albums.

There are so many other faults too. The silly song Title 2.31 that is its second best song should have been a total failure of a song and it isnt. The way in which it is strung together, in that it starts out sounding like a song to make Shayne seem cool, and then has a verse where the kids go ‘i wanna be your slag ‘ to which Shayne responds ‘then fuck off’ is so good. It isnt a soulful song, it is just good, plain fun and I loved the way in which Shayne responds. The background harmonies and harmonies, although a little out of place at times, really give an extra dimension of atmosphere to the song, and add another layer to the somewhat tired X Factor obsession. Its a song that stands up.

The less than convincing ‘Breathe’ – which just kinda sounds like’ventilation’ (ha!) has been let out of its cage to join the rest of the album, which is really the most entertaining part. Hes got a clean, sensitive and soulful voice, which fits perfectly with the atmospheric production on the album. Think Mariahs ‘We Belong Together’, only with more hooks and less Mary in it. ‘Rewind’, while not sounding too heavy, has an incredible vocal performance, that will get your head nodding, and your toes tapping the whole time. ‘Better Than Today’ is another great track, as is the hilarious, oddly upbeat ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Alive’: there are several others, that I could easily listen to again and again. Except the most irritating song of the album, ‘Keep on Trying’ has too many gimmicks, that just confuses you at the end, and yes I do realise the irony in that – though I do love that I have gotten through it unscathed (no sir, no matter how many times I listen to it, I cant get through it!) As much as this album is a success, it only has one real weak moment, in the annoying ‘Better Than Today’. Shayne Ward is a classically trained singer, from a well-known and long-standing UK singing competition. However, I have to say that I am very happy with his style of singing, as its hard to find a bad song on the album, as hes easily one of the most talented singers to come out of the UK in a long time. Whether youre a budding singer-songwriter, or simply someone who wants the best of the best, you want the best quality music you can get. Well this is the album thats going to provide it. Dont miss out on the perfect music, and listen to the best of the best-DONT MISS OUT ON THE MUSIC!:D 5ec8ef588b

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