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■ Microsoft Acropolis is a set of components and tools intended to make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client applications for Microsoft Windows on the.NET Framework

Microsoft Acropolis builds on the rich capabilities of Microsoft Windows and the.NET Framework, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), by providing tools and pre-built components that will help developer quickly assemble programs from loosely-coupled parts and services.

The Acropolis distribution includes an.MSI file with the July Community Technology Preview product, and a set of samples that accompanies this Community Technology Preview.

The Acropolis product includes a great deal of documentation, as well as several demos, in a CHM file. The documentation is in html format and is included in the “Acropolis_Help” folder. There is also a Help button in the MSI package that will open the CHM file.

The Acropolis MSDN site is available at
The Acropolis SDK is available at

Getting started with the Acropolis SDKs:
The Acropolis SDKs include a sample application that demonstrates how to use the Acropolis components and services. These components and services are described in the following pages:

NOTE: This guide is designed for experienced developers who are familiar with the Windows Application Model (Winforms or WPF). New developers should read the MSDN Acropolis Developer’s Guide for more information on how to use Acropolis, including how to build and use the samples.

Before you begin, download the.MSI file from the Downloads page. If you have installed the SDK before and you still have the previous SDK installed, you must uninstall the previous SDK before installing the new SDK. To uninstall the SDK from Windows XP and Vista, follow the instructions in Uninstalling Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office.


The sample application for Microsoft Code Name “Acropolis” should be installed before installing the other Acropolis SDKs.

Check for Visual Studio Solution Files

If you have Visual Studio installed, open the My Computer dialog box. Then, click on the “Visual Studio” link in the left pane. This will open the Solution Explorer, which lists all the projects in your current Visual Studio solution. If you find the “MyAcropolisLibrary” project listed in the Solution Explorer, then the solution has been compiled correctly. If you

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