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Two questions regarding “in”

Can we use “in” as “among”? I checked online and all the links are showing sentences where “in” is used as “among”. For example: “among the men- ”
What about when the “word” is “word”?
I checked online and it showed sentences like “the word in the dictionary.” But is it OK if I say “the word in the dictionary”?
Thank you very much!


The short answer to your question is yes. In can be used as in your example with a comparative (i.e. the way you have used it) or with a superlative.
Some examples:

The most common word in (the English language) is “um”
The least common word in (the English language) is “uh”
The second most common word in (the English language) is “a”

However, you have a couple of linguistic issues that you would need to address if you want a clear understanding of the usage of in for comparison.
Firstly, “in” has a number of meanings – it can be a preposition, a conjunction, a standalone adverb, etc. In your example, you use in to mean among. However, it can also mean inside or among (at, in, at the). These are clearly different uses (although some texts will use them interchangeably) and you need to be careful with what you are trying to compare.
Secondly, within (which I would recommend using at all times) and amongst (which would be appropriate in your example, but in a different context) are different prepositions. Personally, I would use within because it is more specific, but amongst would work well.

I saw the word dog in the dictionary
I saw the word dog amongst the dogs
I saw the word dog inside the dictionary

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preventing url anchor prefetching in Google’s crawler

I’m using localhost as a development environment where I don’t need to worry about backlinks. But when I’m on production, I want to redirect the output to different html pages. I’m making my own mediawiki, and I’m using the FastCGI method to fetch static pages from a server that has no links.
When I have a localhost version of my site, Google sends a crawler to my site, goes to every page, and can download all images and javascript, which I do not want to use the same method for the live site. However, I cannot make the server send redirects for the static content because it would impact the users experience.
I know the best way is to use mod_rewrite and


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