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not to be confused with the Game of the Year edition of SpellForce 1 & 2, which was released a year after the original SpellForce and was also published by Interplay.
SpellForce 2 is a 2002 fantasy role-playing game developed by Ionide Studios, published by Interplay Entertainment, and released for Microsoft Windows only.
The game is based on the fantasy world of Fimbul, which is populated by elves, dwarf, orcs and humans. It takes place around 900 years before the events in SpellForce 1, and takes place after the end of the Kingdom of Kaspar. The game begins as you must team up with a group of other adventuring parties to save the kingdom from being overrun by an invasion of orcs.

The game was ported to the PlayStation 2 by Pixel Knee Games in 2003, while the Xbox version was canceled.

The Kingdom of Fimbul is threatened by an orc invasion. You are part of a team of twelve adventuring parties, chosen for your skills, as well as your relationship with the Orcs. You must work together as a team to destroy the orc threat and preserve the peaceful kingdom.


Gameplay in SpellForce 2 is very similar to that of its predecessor. The game features turn-based tactical real time combat which are fought between two teams of characters. At the beginning of the game, a dungeon is randomly generated on screen and must be traversed in order to reach the final boss battle.

You may summon creatures, cast spells, and use your special abilities to fight. Use the Skills menu and Climb ability to quickly move between levels, with Overdrive allowing you to move much faster. Characters can take damage from enemies and their abilities will gradually slow to a crawl. Upon taking damage, a character is automatically healed when his or her Health reaches zero.

SpellForce 2 offers several different game modes.

Story mode allows you to complete the story of the game, defeating all 12 orcs and up to six of the final boss while progressing through the game.

Defeat mode is based on the main story mode, but includes multiple computer-controlled NPCs with better stats and spell power. Victory in the multiple NPC mode is based on total time spent in the room, but health at the end of the battle is not tracked. It is assumed that the person who spent the most time in the room by

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Make sure that your view has content size set to match with the size of view.
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[background setFrame