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As its name indicates, Spotlight is a powerful command-line tool for monitoring system activity on Windows. It offers monitoring and troubleshooting of network, processes, services, hardware and every other piece of a Windows machine. If your workload is big, it will enable you to effectively identify bottlenecks and take appropriate actions to improve the performance and increase the uptime of the system.
Spotlight offers the following features:
– Displays system metrics
– Detects many kinds of problems
– Shows real-time activity
– Displays IP access logs and detailed information about each connection in the log
– Shows network details
– Shows service activity
– Shows services, processes and threads
– Shows the operating system
– Shows RAM usage
– Shows disk usage
– Shows CPU usage
– Shows broken processes and threads
– Displays the file system
– Shows I/O statistics
– Shows network utilization
– Shows packet sniffing statistics
– Shows process activity
– Shows service start and stop times
– Shows network usage
– Shows traffic congestion
– Shows disk usage
– Shows active sessions
– Shows internal details
– Shows processes and threads
– Shows messages related to the process
– Shows processes and threads running in the process
– Shows messages related to the thread
– Shows system information
– Shows application information
– Shows processes running
– Shows network sockets
– Shows network adapters
– Shows network share connections
– Shows Logon scripts
– Shows network adapters
– Shows floppy drives
– Shows hard disk drives
– Shows disk space
– Shows file system
– Shows free disk space
– Shows network shares
– Shows routers and switches
– Shows network interfaces
– Shows IP addresses
– Shows network packet sniffing statistics
– Shows Network Connections
– Shows network address
– Shows IP address
– Shows IP address resolution
– Shows SMB/CIFS connections
– Shows RAM usage
– Shows network inactivity
– Shows TCP and UDP connections
– Shows DNS lookups
– Shows total network packets
– Shows total network packets
– Shows network share connections
– Shows total disconnected clients
– Shows total disconnected clients
– Shows IP connections
– Shows Time in seconds
– Shows unconnected clients
– Shows network inactivity
– Shows number of threads
– Shows network inactivity
– Shows network connections
– Shows IP connections
– Shows packet sniffing statistics
– Shows network adapter
– Shows disk

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Spotlight is a system monitoring utility designed to look after your Microsoft Servers/workstations in a number of ways. With this great utility your workstations can be kept safe from possible virus, malware infections and many other security issues that can be commonly found on workstations and servers.
Spotlight covers both Microsoft servers and workstations, monitoring servers such as Microsoft Exchange, IIS, SQL Server, IIS Administration, SQL Server Administration and DHCP Server. It monitors workstations such as Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000.
Being a simple utility, Spotlight does not have a complicated interface and is full of useful information for all users. This Windows utility allows you to monitor your workstations and servers in a number of ways, analysing their performance and alerting you of any malfunctions.
It does this by monitoring the System Settings and the Activity Monitor of Windows and making a comparison between the results. This way it can detect any updates and then show you all the information regarding the changes.
Other features of Spotlight include:
Real-time monitoring of activity/system metrics
This feature lets you monitor your systems live, receiving specific alerts based on pre-set thresholds. It has its own built-in action suggestions and reports, as well as extensive statistics regarding your system’s activity and anything that might affect its performance.
Disk monitoring
This feature presents detailed information regarding the storage space on your hard drive(s) and real-time monitoring of the process of disk swapping on your server.
Configuration tools
Configuring Spotlight is very simple, being that it offers a simple wizard interface. All the parameters in Spotlight are easy to adjust and they can be saved for future use.
Remote monitoring
Using remote control, you can monitor your systems in real time from any device that has a connection to the Internet.
Unified backup tools
Spotlight enables you to copy/move files as well as create/extract archives.
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Spotlight is a powerful system monitoring program that allows you to create reports and graphs, show server statistics and easily set and remove thresholds for all the monitored components and indicators. Its feature set is very extensive and it enables you to create a set of reports and graphs for every monitored component such as CPUs, memory, storage space, network connections, operating system activity, low disk space and much more.

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What’s New in the?

Spotlight allows you to monitor your application server and other monitored systems in real-time. It displays every operating system activity as a dot on its software diagram that changes color depending on the state of the component.

You can open all the components at once, or view the processes separately, if you prefer.
Detailed system statistics
As Spotlight displays real-time operation, it uses highly detailed statistics that are colored to indicate the various components, which helps you identify potential problems before they affect the system’s functionality.
Set custom indicators and thresholds
You can set thresholds in order to receive alerts when any value reaches a particular level. You can also set custom indicators to view other data, such as memory usage, cache activity and CPU usage.
Set graphical configuration
You can configure the tool in two ways. You can view it as a tree or as a software diagram.
The software diagram displays system activity in real-time. You can also add extra components, such as printers or other hardware to your system, in order to see data regarding their activity.
The tree view is beneficial when you have a large number of components. The tree enables you to compare each system’s activity at a glance.
Additional actions
Spotlight is designed with actions in mind and can be used to automatically take corrective measures when any of the thresholds is exceeded. The actions that Spotlight can take are:
Edit configuration
Increase or decrease the number of processors and memory usage
Add or remove a connection to the system
Stop or start the monitored process
Defragment disks
Stop or restart the application server

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System Requirements For Spotlight On Windows:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
You can view the screen shots of the game in action here!
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